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Majority of Supermarket Meats Are Still Riddled With Superbugs

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  • Despite strong warnings about the promotion of antibiotic resistance, 80 percent of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are still given to livestock — not to treat acute infections but as a preventive measure, and as a growth promoter
  • When antibiotics are given, any bacteria that survive are now stronger and can more readily evade the drug the next time around
  • Tests conducted in 2017 on antibiotic-resistant bacterial samples collected from hospitals and nursing homes in 27 states revealed 1 in 4 samples contained genes known to confer drug resistance
  • Syphilis and gonorrhea are developing multidrug resistance. Drug-resistant UTIs are also on the rise, and antibiotic-resistant UTIs have been directly linked to the consumption of contaminated chicken meat
  • Eighty-three percent of supermarket meats are contaminated with fecal bacteria, and a high percentage of them were antibiotic-resistant. Chicken is particularly prone to contamination with not just drug-resistant bacteria but also other dangerous pathogens linked to lethal food poisoning

By Dr. Mercola

For a number of years now, researchers have warned we are headed toward a post-antibiotic world — a world in which infections that used to be easily treatable become death sentences as they can no longer be touched by available drugs. As reported by NPR July 2, 2018:

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