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How Your Kidneys Influence Blood Pressure

kidneys influence blood pressure

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  • Nearly 46 percent of American adults suffer from high blood pressure affected by your circulating blood volume and blood vessel constriction, both of which are regulated by your kidneys
  • Research data demonstrates high levels of uric acid, cleared through your kidneys, may increase your risk of gout and kidney stones, and raise your blood pressure
  • Vitamin D helps protect against early kidney disease and therefore helps prevent high blood pressure commonly associated with kidney disease
  • Getting an accurate blood pressure measurement is critical to making decisions about treatment; you may be able to control your blood pressure by reducing fructose, getting exercise, staying hydrated and restricting protein

By Dr. Mercola

Nearly 46 percent of American adults suffer from high blood pressure, which ranks as the second greatest public health threat in the U.S. Your blood pressure is the force needed to push blood through your arteries, delivering oxygen rich blood and nutrients around your body. When measured, you get a high-value (systolic) and a low-value (diastolic). The high number measures the highest pressure occurring in the blood vessels while your heart is contracting and the low value measures the pressure in your arteries between heartbeats.

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