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Why You Need to Stop Biting Your Nails

nail biting

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  • Your nails are more than purely aesthetic, or a platform for art and bright colors; they actually protect your fingers and serve as a window into your overall health
  • One 28-year-old man learned how dangerous nail biting may be when he developed sepsis. It nearly ended his life as he did not seek immediate medical care, but tried to sleep off his flu-like symptoms
  • Nail biting usually starts in childhood, peaks in adolescence and tapers off in adulthood; it may lead to infections, inflammation, herpetic whitlow, dental problems and bad breath and is often triggered by stress, anxiety or boredom
  • The habit may become an unconscious mannerism brought on by specific triggers; you may reduce or eliminate the habit through recognition of your triggers and using strategies such as the Emotional Freedom Techniques to address stress, anxiety and addictions

By Dr. Mercola

Globally, the cosmetic market reached $460 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $675 billion by 2020. Skin care products have the highest market share, while cosmetics used on nails contributes approximately 11.5 percent. Nail polish is the largest segment in the nail makeup category; premium nail polishes make up 38 percent of the market, where mass produced polishes contribute 61 percent. One research firm attributes the rising demand for nail polish in the young population to an increased presence of nail salons.

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