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Updates on the Fight for Mercury-Free Dentistry

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  • Mercury Awareness Week is devoted to mercury-free dentistry. “Silver fillings” are really “mercury fillings,” and mercury is highly toxic and the most vaporous of the heavy metals. Insist on mercury-free dental materials, and patronize only mercury-free dentists
  • I believe so strongly in the importance of this cause and in the effectiveness of its leader that I will match every dollar donated this week (through August 20, 2018) to support Charlie Brown’s national and world campaign to end amalgam. This year, I’ve raised the match ceiling from $100,000 to $125,000
  • The Minamata Convention on Mercury is the world’s game changer. Consumers for Dental Choice and its European allies successfully facilitated a ban on dental amalgam for children under 15 and pregnant and nursing women within the European Union, effective July 1, 2018. In 2020, the EU will address the question of whether to take the final step and phase out amalgam in its 28-nation union
  • The Chicago Declaration to End Dental Mercury Use is America’s game changer. Announced in April, the Chicago Declaration is endorsed by Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Environmental Working Group, Organic & Natural Health Association, Learning Disabilities Association of America, Health Care Without Harm, the International Indian Treaty Council, the Mercury Policy Project — and of course, Consumers for Dental Choice, which assembled the coalition
  • To end amalgam use in America and worldwide, donate today to Consumers for Dental Choice. I will do my part and match your donation

By Dr. Mercola

In this interview, Charlie Brown, founder of Consumers for Dental Choice, provides us with an update to the global mercury-free dentistry campaign you've so generously helped us support through the past eight years.

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