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Anxiety May Be an Inherited Trait


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  • An estimated 40 million Americans, about 18 percent of the population over the age of 18, struggle with anxiety, including more than half of all American college students
  • While several factors can contribute to anxiety, including diet, toxic exposures and sociological conditions, recent research suggests you may also inherit a predisposition to anxiety from your parents
  • Animal research shows connectivity between two brain regions involved in the processing of fear and anxiety can be passed from parents to offspring
  • Paralleling the rise in anxiety is the chronic exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technologies, and research shows this exposure can have a direct influence on your mental health
  • The way you breathe is intricately connected to your mental state; improper breathing triggers anxiety by causing an imbalance in your bodily gases. Breathing techniques and other drug-free treatment strategies are addressed

By Dr. Mercola

Anxiety has exponentially risen in recent years. Not only do more than half of all American college students report anxiety, research also shows anxiety — characterized by constant and overwhelming worry and fear — is now 800 percent more prevalent than all forms of cancer.

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