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Vaping Shuts Off Protective Cells in Your Lungs

vaping health risks

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  • Conventional, combustible cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals and are responsible for nearly $300 billion in direct and indirect health care costs, but e-cigs are not a solution as they also carry significant health risks
  • Recent data demonstrate vaporized e-cig liquid increases inflammation in the lung and damages lung cells responsible for protecting lung tissue, potentially increasing risk for infection. Both processes increase your risk of COPD
  • Vaping may lead to smoking traditional cigarettes, addictive behavior in teens, heart attack and stroke, plus increase bystander blood nicotine more than traditional cigarettes
  • You may make quitting easier by taking steps before trying to quit, such as exercising, eating a nutritious diet and reducing your stress — all of which may help you cope more easily with the withdrawal symptoms

By Dr. Mercola

Conventional tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals released into your lungs and the surrounding air with each puff. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls tobacco use the "single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States," killing more than 480,000 Americans every year and 41,000 from exposure to secondhand smoke.

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