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Grass Fed Beef Supports Your Mitochondria

organic ground beef

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  • Research has shown dietary stearic acid helps regulate your mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of your cells known to influence your health and longevity
  • In lab studies conducted on genetically altered flies, dietary stearic acid helped the insects resist neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s
  • Grass fed meat, coconut oil and cocoa butter are among the healthiest dietary sources of stearic acid
  • Among other benefits, grass fed beef contains 36 percent more stearic acid than grain-fed beef, making it a better choice to fuel your mitochondria and your overall health

By Dr. Mercola

When it comes to maintaining your health and preventing disease, the important role played by your mitochondria cannot be overstated. If your mitochondria are not functioning well, your health is sure to be suboptimal. Your mitochondria also influence your longevity.

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