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Baby Poop Can Help Treat Disease

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  • Maintaining a healthy environment in your gut may be one of the most crucial steps toward maintaining your overall health, and baby poop has been tapped by scientists as a novel source for improving it
  • Baby poop may be a source of microbes that promote healthy digestion. Recent studies have shown that human-origin probiotics could be used to treat human diseases associated with gut microbiome imbalance
  • Newborn infants typically haven’t been exposed to things like antibiotics, pesticides and pollution to the extent that adults and even older children have, all of which compromise their immune systems and make their bacteria less beneficial
  • When moms breastfeed their babies, scientists have found distinct types of bacteria linking breast milk, breast tissue and infant stool, which can be a major contributor in the health of the newborn’s microbiome
  • You don’t need to “pop a poo pill” to create a healthier microbiome in your gut, as fermented foods, certain vegetables and other factors, including avoiding sugar, can either make or break your gut health

By Dr. Mercola

There’s been a lot of press lately regarding the advantages of tweaking your gut health, which involves your gut microbiome. You could call a healthy microbiome a normal or optimal gut environment. That you can improve your microbiome at all is almost as incredible as some of the means being used nowadays; that said, one of the more novel approaches involves baby poop.

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