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Here's Why You Don't Ever Want to Eat Moldy Bread

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  • Mold is a microscopic fungi; there may be up to 300,000 species, some of which are poisonous if you eat them
  • Mold grows by sending out a network of thread-like roots throughout the nutrient source; stalks containing the reproductive part of the fungi grow upward producing visible, colored spores
  • Inhaling or consuming mold may expose you to mycotoxins, poisonous substances often found around the thread-like roots, increasing your risk of gastrointestinal and liver damage
  • Reduce mold growth at home by inspecting food for mold before purchase, purchasing food within expiration dates, keeping humidity at home below 40 percent, cleaning your refrigerator every week or so and removing moldy or spoiled foods immediately

By Dr. Mercola

Molds are microscopic fungi. To date, no one knows exactly how many species exist, but estimates range from tens of thousands to potentially more than 300,000. As demonstrated in the featured video, fungi are made of many cells and can sometimes be seen with the naked eye.

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