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Top Benefits of Vitamin B6

vitamin b6 rich foods

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  • Even though advertisers may lead you to believe you need massive doses of B6 for energy, you can obtain sufficient amounts of this essential vitamin from whole food sources like grass fed beef liver, pastured chicken and wild salmon
  • Because your body cannot synthesize B6, you need to get it from your diet; the recommended intake for adults is 1.3 mg of B6 daily
  • Vegetarians may need to take a supplement or eat vitamin-fortified foods to obtain sufficient amounts of B6
  • B6 plays a vital role in supporting your blood, brain, immune system and metabolism, among other areas
  • Signs of B6 deficiency include anemia, confusion, depression, mouth and tongue inflammation and a weakened immune system

By Dr. Mercola

Marketers of energy drinks like Red Bull have sold the public on the notion that B vitamins, particularly B12, as well as the vitamin that headlines this article — B6 ­— are superb energy boosters. Advertising claims aside, does your body really need all those extra B vitamins?

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