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Why Is Raw Milk Illegal?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

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  • Mark McAfee, founder and chairman of the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI), explains why raw milk is like no other food — a powerful food that’s the first food of life for many creatures
  • For tens of thousands of years, humans have depended on milk from camels, sheep, goats and cows in order to survive
  • Raw milk, which is a living food, is incredibly complex, and its benefits come in the fact that it’s not sterilized like so many “dead” processed foods are today
  • There are two kinds of raw milk produced today; one is the type produced on CAFOs, which is intended to be shipped to a creamery for pasteurization and has no requirement that the milk be tested for pathogens
  • The other type of raw milk is that produced with the intent of being directly consumed by humans, which is often regularly tested for pathogens and comes from clean, disease-free cows

In Great Britain, 0.7 percent of all milk sold is raw. It may not sound like a lot, until you consider that it can only be sold on the farm. The fact is that people value raw milk and are willing to seek it out for a multitude of reasons — health, taste, animal welfare and the environment, for example — even if doing so requires more than a simple trip to the grocery store.

You may also consider raw milk to be a thing of the past, something that was consumed out of necessity because pasteurization hadn’t yet been invented. But raw milk is making a comeback and is increasingly popular among those looking for natural, whole and unprocessed foods in a form that’s as close to nature as you can get, i.e., raw.

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