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Hunting for Plastic

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

Story at-a-glance -

  • Boyan Slat, a young Dutch entrepreneur, has invented an ingenious way to clean plastic debris from our oceans
  • He has created a barge that works like an artificial coastline — catching plastic waste with long floating arms
  • The collection barge relies entirely on ocean currents for energy and does not need an external energy source
  • The barge is beginning its cleanup with the Great Pacific garbage patch –– a 618,000-square-mile area between Hawaii and California
  • A new video gives a remarkable, behind the scenes look at Slat, his organization and the hope they are bringing to removing plastic pollution from our oceans

Plastic pollution has become an urgent, worldwide problem. The average person now ingests about 100 plastic particles each year from eating shellfish and up to 68,415 plastic fibers each year just from the plastic dust particles landing on their plates during meals. Tap water, bottled water and sea salt also come with a "side order" of microplastics.

Many of the chemicals used to make plastics disrupt hormones, embryonic development and gene expression, and are linked to obesity, heart disease and cancer.

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