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Senator Dies From Sepsis, a Common Complication of Infection, Including Influenza

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

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  • New York State Senator José Peralta — an outspoken proponent of annual flu vaccinations — died November 22, 2018, at the age of 47 from sudden septic shock


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When this article was published, the information on what caused Peralta’s death was that it was sepsis. Our source, the New York Post, quoted Peralta’s widow, who told the Post that the New York Medical Examiner’s (ME) office told her that Peralta died of organ failure due to septic shock, aka, sepsis.

Our reporting, like that of several major mainstream media, was done in good faith based on the information available at that time. As of January 15, 2019, the Post and other media have reported that Peralta died naturally from “complications of acute promyelocytic leukemia.” 

The Post added that “A source familiar with the ME’s determination noted that septic shock ‘was a complication directly related to the fact that he had cancer,’ noting there were likely other complications that contributed to his unexpected death.”

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