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8 Fruits and Veggies That Could Be Considered Poisonous

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

poisonous fruits

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  • While the presence of certain toxins help protect plants by creating resistance to disease and insects, some fruits and vegetables contain toxins that can cause serious damage to your health
  • Fruits such as lychee and starfruit, as well as vegetables like cassava and potatoes, can be poisonous and require special considerations to be safely incorporated into your diet
  • Following a few simple rules will eliminate most risks associated with these “natural-born killers,” allowing you to safely consume and enjoy them

What do ackee, cassava, cycad, lychee, potatoes, red kidney beans, starfruit and sugar cane have in common? While that question may sound like the opening line of an offbeat joke, the health-related similarity these fruits and vegetables share is no laughing matter.

Plants, like animals, employ various strategies to ensure their survival, and naturally occurring toxins help some plants resist disease and insects.

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