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Lancet Partners With Poison Makers to Give Food Advice

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

EAT-Lancet partnership

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  • Lancet partnered with EAT, a “global, nonprofit startup dedicated to transforming our global food system through … novel partnerships,” to investigate connections between nutrition, health and the ability of the planet to sustain the food supply. Other partners include Cargill, DuPont, Kellogg’s, Bayer and Syngenta
  • The commission acknowledged food systems are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and user of freshwater, each leading to biodiversity loss, land-use changes and triggering dead zones in lakes and coastal areas; it recommends regenerative farming, but without adhering to regenerative practices
  • Although the focus of the commission was aimed at concerns over global rainfall, climate developments and the ability to sustain food supply for a growing population, the diet recommendations will not support optimal health and rely heavily on carbohydrates
  • Consider voting with your wallet by seeking out local farmers who use regenerative farming practices for your plant- and animal-based food products. If you currently have a large lawn and ornamental plants, consider transitioning to more edibles

Modern agricultural practices have been a threat to life on Earth and are a factor in virtually every growing environmental and health problem. Farmers 100 years ago would have laughed at such a thing happening, as agriculture is necessary for food production and, therefore, life. However, it is indisputable today we are drastically and negatively affecting air, soil and water.

Scientists are now calling for the definition of a new geological age, moving Earth from the Holocene era of stability into Anthropocene, marked by significant and permanent changes to the Earth from mankind. In the past decades, food production has focused on efficiency and lowering immediate costs.

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