Health Chief at NIH Denies Vaccine Injuries Occur

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  • In an interview with CBS News, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), flat-out denied that vaccines can and do cause injuries and death
  • In their latest release of data and statistics, the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) stated that approximately $4 billion has been paid out to vaccine-injured victims since 1988
  • The health chief stated that lack of safety and adverse events associated with vaccination is a fabrication, even though numerous studies do, in fact, link FDA licensed and CDC recommended vaccines to harm
  • In 2013, a physician committee at the Institute of Medicine (IOM), National Academy of Sciences, even pointed out that the current federally recommended childhood vaccine schedule for infants and children from birth to age 6 had not been adequately studied for safety
  • Scare tactics are commonly used to promote propaganda about the need for “no exceptions” mandatory vaccination laws; CNN reported the state of Washington was “under a state of emergency” due to a handful of measles cases blamed on unvaccinated children; the photo they used for the story purported to show a child with measles but was actually a photo of a child with a rash caused by vaccination


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In an interview with CBS News, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), flat-out denied that vaccines can and do cause injuries and death. The news outlet had featured parents who are concerned about vaccination risks, including one woman whose middle child suffered from severe reactions to vaccinations.

Understandably, she then refused to vaccinate her youngest son and stated, "If I could go back, I wouldn't have vaccinated any of my kids."1 When asked what to say to such parents, who have experienced adverse vaccine reactions among their own children and are hesitant to have the same procedure performed on another child, Fauci graciously said they shouldn't be denigrated but that they must be told vaccines are "very safe."

"[T]he lack of safety and adverse events, things like autism … that issue is based purely on fabrication and that's been proven … there is no association whatsoever between the measles vaccine and autism," he said. The reporter again questioned Fauci's claims there are no studies showing vaccines may cause harm, and asked if he were perhaps not looking at the right studies.

"That's just not true … that's just not true, period," Fauci said, refusing to even entertain the notion that vaccines may cause adverse reactions in some people, and that parents of vaccine-injured children may be justified in their hesitation to vaccinate their other children.

The $4 billion (and growing) payouts for vaccine injuries and deaths in the U.S. suggest that concerns about vaccine safety are well founded and that the right to know and freedom to make voluntary vaccine decisions must be protected in public health policies and laws.

Health Chief at NIH Denies Vaccine Injuries While $4 Billion Has Been Paid Out to Vaccine Victims

The vaccine industry operates under a shield of immunity from liability unlike any other given to corporations that manufacture commercial products sold for a profit in the U.S. In most cases, if a product injures or kills a person, its manufacturer can be held financially accountable in a civil court of law. With vaccines, however, this is not the case.

In the U.S., there is a federally operated vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) that Congress created under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act as an alternative to a vaccine injury lawsuit. In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively removed all liability from vaccine manufacturers, even when the company could have made a vaccine safer, and made the VICP an "exclusive" legal remedy for the vaccine injured.

In what has become known as "vaccine court," the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. handles vaccine injury and death petitions filed in the VICP when the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice oppose awarding federal compensation to a vaccine victim.

In their latest release of data and statistics, the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), while again stating that the U.S. has "the safest, most effective vaccine supply in history," revealed that approximately $4 billion has been paid out to vaccine-injured victims since 1988.2

Children's Health Defense, which is working to end childhood health epidemics by eliminating harmful exposures, explained why this figure is likely lower than it really should be:3

"Over the vaccine court's 30-year history, individuals and families have filed over 20,000 petitions for vaccine injury compensation. This month, even as 12 percent of filed petitions remained unadjudicated, the payouts crossed over the $4 billion threshold.

This amount was awarded in response to barely a third (31 percent or 6,276) of the filed petitions. There is no telling how much more money the taxpayer-funded program might have shelled out if the court had not chosen to dismiss the remaining petitions (56 percent) — possibly doing so fraudulently in at least some cases."

The federal VICP compensates vaccine victims through a federal trust fund that collects a surcharge on every dose of vaccine given. Vaccine manufacturers do not have to contribute any money to the trust fund managed by the Department of Treasury and used to compensate vaccine victims.

There is a Vaccine Injury Table (VIT), which lists vaccine side effects acknowledged by the government to be caused by vaccines.

In order to win an uncontested federal vaccine injury compensation award, the vaccine injured person or the parent or guardian of that person, usually with the assistance of an attorney, must demonstrate that he or she developed certain clinical symptoms and medical conditions on the VIT within a certain timeframe of receiving a certain vaccine and that there is no other more biologically plausible explanation for the vaccine-related injury or death.

"Over the three decades, despite the stated intent to furnish an 'accessible and efficient forum for individuals found to be injured by certain vaccines,' the NVICP has devolved into a protracted and litigious David-versus-Goliath battleground," Children's Health Defense added.

"The vaccine court, in actuality, is 'not a court at all but … a consumer-funded government claims program that uses … employees of Health and Human Services (HHS), rather than judges to make decisions on compensation."4

Vaccine Injuries Are Real

Fauci suggested that reports about lack of vaccine safety and reports of serious vaccine reactions and injuries are fabricated. However, numerous studies do, in fact, link vaccines to harm. Even the so-called "fraudulent" autism study he spoke about deserves a hard second look.

Again and again, you hear that the autism-vaccine link was based on a single study published in 1998 by a doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who has been discredited, and that the hypothetical association between vaccines and autism has since been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked. It sounds definitive enough, and is often repeated as established fact.

Yet, William Thompson, Ph.D., a senior scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases (NCIR), confessed that he conspired with colleagues to cover up links found between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism.

Other research also suggests vaccinated children may have more health problems than unvaccinated children. For instance, among unvaccinated premature infants, no link to neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) was found. However, a significant link between vaccinations and NDD was detected, regardless of whether the child was premature or full-term.

The combination of preterm birth with vaccination was associated with a 660 percent increased odds of NDD,5 suggesting a synergistic effect and a need to fully research whether it's safe to vaccinate premature infants.

Further, in a pilot study comparing the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, those who were vaccinated were more likely to have been diagnosed with any chronic illness as well as other health conditions like otitis media, pneumonia, allergies and eczema.6

In 2013, a physician committee at the Institute of Medicine (IOM), National Academy of Sciences, even pointed out that the current federally recommended childhood vaccine schedule for infants and children from birth to age 6 had not been adequately studied for safety.7

CNN Accidentally Uses Picture of Vaccine Reaction to Scare People About Measles

One of the scare-tactics being used as of late are media reports warning about measles outbreaks, which are often blamed on unvaccinated children. In one such report, CNN reported the state of Washington was "under a state of emergency" due to a handful of measles cases.

The photo they used for the story, which has since been removed, purported to show a child with measles, but was actually a photo of a child with a rash caused by a vaccination.

At the bottom of the article, you can still read their correction, "This article and an accompanying video previously included a photograph of a child with a rash linked to a vaccination. The image has been removed."8 While measles can be serious, particularly in people with compromised immune systems, the majority of cases resolve on their own without complications.

Declaring a state of emergency in Washington may be a bit of a stretch, considering it wasn't long ago when getting measles was common during childhood and rarely caused complications in healthy children. Similar fear-mongering occurred in 2015, when visitors to Disneyland in California got measles and transmitted the disease to other people in California, Washington, Utah and Colorado.

The 188 cases of measles reported in the U.S. in 2015 were used to create propaganda to persuade legislators to introduce new legislation to eliminate vaccine exemptions and further limit parents' ability to make informed, voluntary vaccine choices for their children.

In the 2013-2014 school year, almost 95 percent of U.S. children entering kindergarten had received two doses of MMR vaccine,9 as had 92 percent of school children ages 13 to 17 years.10 That high rate of vaccination for MMR among U.S. school children continues today. 11

This high MMR vaccination rate should theoretically ensure "herd immunity," but outbreaks of both measles and mumps keep occurring, which hints at vaccine failure. One proposed solution is to introduce a third MMR vaccination as a "booster" dose at age 18.

In 2015, Barbara Loe Fisher explained that the fear-mongering over measles cases in Disneyland was more about covering up vaccine failures than it was about protecting public health, and it remains much the same way today:

"The hype about … cases of measles reportedly linked to Disneyland has more to do with covering up vaccine failures and propping up the dissolving myth of vaccine acquired herd immunity than it does about protecting the public health.

It has a lot to do with defensive doctors trying to blame a minority of parents who are refusing to place irrational faith in them and their moving goal posts, and are choosing instead to think and act rationally.

That third MMR shot is coming to America and so is a massive Pharma-led lobby attempt to demonize and punish all Americans who defend the human right to exercise informed consent to medical risk-taking, including vaccine risk-taking.

The calls to strike down those who do not use every dose of the growing list of government-mandated vaccines, is on a fast track. It will include banning the unvaccinated from exercising the right to get a public education, medical care, employment, and many other human and civil rights."

Pediatric Neurologist Told Department of Justice Vaccines Can Cause Autism

The existence of a potential link between vaccines, mitochondrial disorder and autism was a subject of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services omnibus autism proceedings in 2007. Children's Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are requesting an investigation into fraud and obstruction of justice by U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials while representing HHS during the proceeding.

"DOJ attorneys and HHS officials purposefully and maliciously deceived the NVICP, also known as 'vaccine court,' in order to deny relief to 5,400 children whose injury claims threatened to bankrupt the vaccine program," the request reads.12

Part of the fraud involves the so-called "Zimmerman concealment," referring to Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a pediatric neurologist, who is a pro-vaccine expert witness the U.S. government used to debunk and turn down autism claims in vaccine court.

In a Full Measure report,13 award-winning investigative reporter and former CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson14 explained, "Zimmerman was the government's top expert witness and had testified that vaccines didn't cause autism. The debate was declared over. But now Dr. Zimmerman has provided remarkable new information." She added:15

"He claims that during the vaccine hearings all those years ago, he privately told government lawyers that vaccines can, and did cause autism in some children. That turnabout from the government's own chief medical expert stood to change everything about the vaccine-autism debate. If the public were to find out …

And he has come forward and explained how he told the United States government vaccines can cause autism in a certain subset of children and [the] United States government, the Department of Justice, suppressed his true opinions."

Health Officials Continue to Deny Vaccine Risks

In a sworn affidavit dated September 7, 2018, Zimmerman stated that, in 2007, he told DOJ lawyers he had "discovered exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism. "I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder," Zimmerman wrote.16

Reportedly, this "panicked" the DOJ. Zimmerman was fired and told his services would no longer be needed, which could be interpreted as an attempt to silence him. According to Zimmerman, the DOJ then went on to misrepresent his opinion in future cases, making no mention of the exceptions he'd informed them of.

"Meantime, CDC — which promotes vaccines and monitors vaccine safety — never disclosed that the government's own one-time medical expert concluded vaccines can, in some children with certain health conditions, cause autism. To this day public health officials deny that's the case," according to the Full Measure report,17 coming full circle and echoing the statements of NIAID director Fauci.


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