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Be Kind and Loving to Yourself — It’s Good for You

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  • Self-acceptance is an important part of psychological health and involves accepting all of your attributes, both positive and negative
  • Self-acceptance includes three main attitudes, including love for your body, the ability to protect yourself from other’s negative judgements and appreciating your own capabilities and believing in yourself
  • When you’re in a self-compassionate frame of mind, you soothe and comfort yourself in times of need; you do not regard yourself in a harsh, critical or judgmental way, or take a “stiff upper lip” approach when you’re suffering
  • Self-compassion has been found to moderate the link between perfectionism and depression, such that learning to be kind to yourself could eliminate much of the negative effects associated with perfectionism
  • Increase your self-compassion by using self-compassion based meditation, daily self-compassion journaling and taking note of your critical inner voice — and changing it to sound like it would if you were speaking to a close friend

In the video above, Julie Schiffman demonstrates a simple technique to help you love and accept yourself — something most of us can benefit from. Schiffman is a practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which is a form of psychological acupressure that involves tapping with the fingertips on specific meridians in order to clear negative emotions and thought patterns.

This is but one way to bring more self-love into your life, akin to giving your inner critic a giant bear hug. The fact is, many of us engage in negative self-talk and are overly critical of ourselves, which can set the stage for mental and even physical health problems.

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