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The EPA's Biosolids Scam Threatens Us All

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

Story at-a-glance -

  • The safety of sewage sludge, "biosolids," widely spread as fertilizer onto U.S. agricultural lands, parklands, golf courses, lawns and cemeteries, was recently questioned by the U.S. Inspector General’s office
  • Sewage treatment is designed to produce clean water, not clean sludge, and the cleaner the water is, the “dirtier” the sludge
  • Biosolids may contain PCBs, dioxins, pharmaceuticals, hormones, surfactants, heavy metals, plastics and disease-causing pathogens
  • Scientific studies confirm the persistence of many toxins in treated soil and their presence in many edible crops, yet high-profile PR companies, some funded by the EPA itself, spin biosolids as environmentally friendly and a form of recycling
  • Agricultural use of biosolids is economically desirable for municipalities, waste haulers and farmers who receive cheap fertilizer, but a growing number of communities are resisting the application of biosolids in their neighborhoods

The use of sewage sludge as fertilizer for your food, renamed "biosolids" by slick industry PR firms, is a growing and under-publicized threat to human health. Sewage sludge is the residue generated during the treatment of domestic waste and contains a cocktail of hazardous substances from industry, hospitals and humans — anything that is discharged into the sewage system.

Today, city sewer lines run right to the factories, allowing them to dump their waste into the city's sewage treatment plants. This saves industries a lot of money because once a regulated chemical or waste enters the sewer line, they're suddenly exempt from EPA regulation.

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