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Lumbrokinase for Heart Health?

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  • Lumbrokinase, a complex fibrinolytic enzyme extracted from earthworms, contains a bioactive protein that helps prevent heart-related issues like thrombosis, stroke and heart disease
  • As an ancient Asian medicinal, lumbrokinase applications began with concoctions involving fried earthworms and herbs, followed by dried earthworm powders, then unrefined earthworm extracts
  • As early as 1573, earthworms, referred to by Chinese physicians as “earth dragons,” were used for beneficial properties that could “invigorate blood, resolve stasis and unblock the body's meridians and channels”
  • Today, both patients and practitioners credit lumbrokinase with successfully treating as well as preventing blood- and heart-related conditions, but it’s tapped for other health-beneficial applications, as well
  • Lumbrokinase has been identified as an important factor in the treatment of Lyme disease, as experts believe it can penetrate thick clumps of gut bacteria known as biofilms

Although it's not a well-known substance, lumbrokinase is recognized by health experts as an extraordinarily health-beneficial enzyme. It boosts circulatory health by breaking down fibrinogen, described by one study as having the ability to reduce blood viscosity, making it a "critical factor in clot formation."

Fibrinogen, perhaps another unfamiliar term, is a fibrous protein essential for hemostasis — stopping bleeding. While a "mechanically stable" clot is necessary to prevent blood loss and promote wound healing, and your fibrinolytic system can dissolve fibrin or fibrous clots when it's in good working order, lumbrokinase is classified as a fibrinolytic enzyme.

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