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Electronic Music to Repel Mosquitoes?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

electronic music to repel mosquitoes

Story at-a-glance -

  • Mosquitoes are a summertime annoyance many seek to avoid using chemical repellents. One study shows electronic music chosen for the high and low frequencies in the soundtrack reduced mosquito biting activity and breeding
  • Most traditional chemical repellents contain either DEET or permethrin, both of which have significant side effects
  • Instead, consider removing standing water on your property that serves as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, use natural products to repel the insects and know what attracts them so you may avoid these triggers

Although you might find them annoying in the summertime, mosquitoes are an important part of the ecosystem. Mosquito larvae live in the water and provide food for fish and other wildlife, including larvae of other species such as dragonflies. Mosquito larvae eat and recycle microscopic organic matter.

Adult mosquitoes are part of the diet of insect eating animals such as bats, spiders and dragonflies. They also help pollinate flowers as they drink the nectar. Opinions differ as to what would happen if mosquitoes were eradicated from the face of the Earth.

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