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What’s the Truth Behind MMR Vaccine Testing?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

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  • In 2010, two former Merck employees sued the company, alleging Merck artificially inflated the efficacy of the mumps portion of its MMR II vaccine in testing. To this day, the case is still pending
  • FDA documents obtained via FOIA requests filed by the Informed Consent Action Network reveal the MMR II vaccine was licensed based on clinical trials involving just 834 children, of which only 342 received the MMR vaccine; results show a shocking amount of vaccine reactions
  • The eight licensing studies followed up on reactions for a mere 42 days’ post-vaccination, not years, as is done in drug testing. All trials also used other vaccines as controls rather than a placebo, which is not going to give you a valid indication of the vaccine’s safety profile
  • All eight licensing trials reveal high ratios of gastrointestinal illness and upper respiratory illness occurring within the 42-day follow-up period. In one, 64 of 102 children (62.7%) in the MMR treatment group developed upper respiratory illness and 43 (42%) developed gastrointestinal illness
  • Anyone in Rockland County with measles is ordered to stay at home, and anyone exposed to measles is barred from entering public spaces or face a $2,000-a-day fine. Students in ZIP codes 10952 and 10977 are also barred from school unless they have a medical or religious exception, or documentation showing they’ve received the MMR vaccine or have immunity against measles, mumps and rubella

April 2, 2018, I posted an article in which I discussed the 2010 lawsuit filed against Merck by two former virologists employed by the company. The whistleblowers claim Merck lied about the effectiveness of the mumps portion of its MMR II (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine, artificially inflating its efficacy in testing.

For example, the MMR vaccine’s effectiveness was tested against the virus used in the vaccine rather than the natural, wild mumps virus that you’d actually be exposed to in the real world. Animal antibodies were also said to have been added to the test results to give the appearance of a robust immune response.

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