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Coca-Cola seeks revision of fortification guideline

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coca cola seeks revision of fortification guideline

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  • The Coca-Cola Co. is seeking permission to add vitamins to various drinks in its assortment, but adding vitamins and minerals does absolutely nothing to change the detrimental impact of sugary beverages
  • Coca-Cola is also asking the FDA to expand antioxidant claims. At present, antioxidant claims can only be made for substances for which there are established daily values. Coke wants this rule expanded to include substances that do not have established recommended DV
  • Vitamin gummy bears have circumvented FDA’s fortification guideline by being marketed as a supplement rather than candy, although it could reasonably be argued to be both
  • There are several reasons to avoid vitamin gummies: They’re high in sugar, have unreliable nutrient content, are contaminated with impurities more frequently than other supplements, contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and fillers, and pose an overdose risk due to their resemblance to candy
  • Gummy fruit snacks are a perfect example of an unhealthy snack marketed as healthy. Whether the primary ingredient is corn syrup or concentrated fruit juice, they contain mostly sugar, and contrary to real fruit, these snacks are loaded with artificial flavors and dyes

In February 2019, I wrote about the introduction of nutritionally fortified artificial sweeteners. Merisant launched a new zero calorie sweetener called Sugarly Sweet exclusively on Amazon in late January 2019, and has also created a brand-new line of artificial sweeteners fortified with vitamins and minerals.

The fortified sweeteners are sold under the company’s Equal Plus brand, and are available in three versions: vitamin C and zinc; vitamins B3, B5 and B12; or vitamins C and E.

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