Ultimate Guide to Combating Coronavirus Ultimate Guide to Combating Coronavirus


Our health partners team up to protect your health

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our health partnerships help protect your health

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  • The National Vaccine Information Center sends representatives to boards evaluating the use of vaccines. They do this to protect your legal rights and provide you with up-to-date information on the science, policies and laws behind vaccine use, so you may make informed decisions
  • The water supply in most of the U.S. is polluted with fluoride, linked to ADHD, poor cognitive development, hypothyroidism and skeletal fluorosis; the Fluoride Action Network monitors actions impacting your exposure. They are a clearinghouse of information and lobby legislators to protect your health
  • The key campaign supported by Consumers for Dental Choice is the Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry, the mission of which is to phase out the use of amalgam worldwide. Dental amalgam contains mercury, known to have toxic effects on the nervous system, lungs, kidneys and eyes and is considered one of the top 10 chemicals of public health concern by the World Health Organization
  • The Organic Consumers Association seeks to address the issues of safe food production, publicizing information and campaigns against unsafe practices in the manufacture and growing of food. They do this through legislative efforts and corporate accountability; this fight is ongoing as the National Organic Program is again being challenged to include genetically edited food

In the business world, partnerships may well be the cornerstone or foundation of success. The old saying, "two heads are better than one," means two people may creatively solve a problem more quickly than just one. However, in business, bringing together two organizations in a unique partnership also enables both businesses to benefit from the strengths they each possess.

Strategic partnerships give businesses access to greater resources and a larger audience. They also help strengthen some of the weaker aspects of each business. It may be challenging to find ideal strategic partners with whom you can collaborate, but not be competitive, as they support and motivate each other to grow.

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