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How to increase your health span

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  • A primary hindrance to extended health span is the process of atherosclerosis, the hardening of your arteries, which is the No. 1 cause of heart disease
  • Your coronary artery calcium or CAC score is a powerful measure of your cardiac disease risk. Having a CAC score of zero in middle age means you have a very low risk (1.4%) of heart attack in the following decade; above 1,000, your risk of a heart attack within the next 10 years is 37%
  • While age is typically seen as the primary risk factor for CVD, the CAC score takes precedence when it comes to identifying your real risk, and transcends other risk factors
  • High LDL particle count can be a significant risk factor for CVD, but several factors also play a role, and will determine whether high particle count is contributing to atherosclerosis. These include oxidized LDL, damaged glycocalyx, endothelium damage, proteoglycan reactivity and poor HDL functionality
  • Factors that drive atherosclerosis and should be avoided or addressed include glucose spikes, insulin resistance, inflammatory drivers, high blood pressure, oxidative stress, nutrient deficiencies, iron overload, heavy metals, autoimmune issues, infections and smoking

Ivor Cummins is a biochemical engineer with a background in medical device engineering and leading teams in complex problem-solving. On his website, TheFatEmperor.com, he offers guidance on how to decode science to transform your health.

In the featured lecture, "Avoiding and Resolving Modern Chronic Disease" presented at the Low Carb Denver 2019 conference, Cummins discusses the root causes of heart disease and other chronic health problems that rob us of our health span.

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