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This Flowering Legume Has Wide-Ranging Health Benefits

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astragalus benefits

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  • Astragalus, a perennial flowering legume widely used in China, is able to protect your mitochondria and may help treat chronic diseases
  • Astragalus may help prevent the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy and diabetic retinopathy, associated with metabolic memory
  • Some research indicates astragalus may be useful in treating leukemia and liver, bladder, lung, nasopharyngeal and gastric cancers
  • Astragalus has shown positive results in treating acute respiratory infection in children, chronic fatigue syndrome, post-stroke fatigue and estrogen-related bone and hearing loss
  • The role of astragalus in enhancing chemotherapy is now also under investigation, due to its anticancer properties
  • You can easily grow your own astragalus at home

Mitochondria are the power generators of your cells. These small structures, located within each cell, transfer electrons from fat and sugars to oxygen and generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the energy "currency" of your body. Mitochondria have two ATP-producing membranes that allow the storage of energy as ATP like batteries and are literally where we get our vim and vigor.

The well-being of your whole mitochondria system can determine whether or not you develop many chronic diseases, including cancer. As I have often noted, your mitochondrial function can be improved through ketogenic diets that force your body to burn fat as its primary fuel rather than sugars. Additionally, there is now fascinating research suggesting that the herb astragalus can also have a protective role in the health of your mitochondria.

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