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Customize an Out-of-the-Box Bandage to Fit Your Need

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  • Adhesive bandages are not a one-size-fits-all solution; buying multiple boxes with preconfigured dressings can get expensive, but using these simple hacks improves the fit
  • Your skin protects your body from pathogens. Covering an open cut or abrasion can help reduce your risk of infection and keep the wound clean
  • Clean the cut first with mild soap and water and a gentle touch to preserve healthy tissue. Hydrogen peroxide is effective at killing bacteria but indiscriminately kills healthy cells too
  • You may speed healing by using Manuka honey and coconut oil, avoiding smoking and consuming foods high in specific vitamins; bentonite clay may be used to help soothe and prevent infection in skin irritations and cuts
  • When a cut or scrape appears to get bigger, becomes more painful or develops a discharge, it may have become infected. Although rare, sepsis may follow an infected cut. Early recognition and treatment are crucial for successful recovery

Have you ever gotten creative when applying a small adhesive bandage? It can be challenging to figure out how to cover one of your finger joints, while still being able to use your finger. Whether it’s the end of a finger or over a joint, you’ll discover several hacks you can use with a one sized bandage in this short video.

Many times, you won’t have the right size or configuration of the bandage you need when you get a cut or abrasion. In other cases, replacing your bandage each time it gets wet means you’ll go through every specially configured dressing in the box for the cut over your finger joint before it heals.

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