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USA Exports More Blood Than Soybeans or Corn

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

human blood export

Story at-a-glance -

  • Many areas of the U.S. are struggling to meet the blood needs of local residents even as the country supplies 70% of the world's plasma
  • Most for-profit donation centers are in the poorest areas where residents sell plasma to help pay for food and shelter
  • Big Pharma also targets college students, advertising money for books in exchange for plasma used to feed antiaging technology startups
  • China uses half the global demand for serum albumin to treat a rising number with liver disease; despite environmental contaminants in the blood, U.S. blood is identified as one of the safest sources

Blood is a living tissue made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. The main role of blood in your body is to transport oxygen. It also plays a role in fighting infection, regulating your pH level and temperature, and transporting nutrients and hormones. It also has specialized cells to promote blood clotting.

One factor in blood type — A, B, AB or O — is hereditary and determined by the presence or absence of two antigens, A and B. Your blood type is determined together with a third antigen called Rh factor. Plasma, a mixture of water, protein, fat and salts, is responsible for transporting red blood cells throughout the body.

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