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How to Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body and Defy Aging

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  • Fitness parameters that need to be addressed in a targeted manner to achieve optimal health and longevity include mitochondrial capacity, lactic acid tolerance (muscle endurance), maximal oxygen uptake, power, strength and stamina
  • Mitochondrial density and biogenesis is best achieved through very brief spurts of exercise followed by long rest periods (a 3-to-1 or 4-to-1 rest-to-work ratio), once a week
  • To improve your lactic acid tolerance (your ability to buffer lactic acid), use exercise routines with a 2-to-1 work-to-rest ratio, such as the classic Tabata set, two to three times a week
  • To target and improve your VO2 max, you’ll want your training sessions to be longer, about four to six minutes in duration with four to six minutes of recovery in between (a 1-to-1 work-to-rest ratio)
  • For stamina, include a 1.5 to three hour-long walk, bike ride or paddle session — anything where your body is engaged in chronic repetitive motion for a long period of time — preferably in a fasted state, once a week

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