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It's Leap Year: Did You Know This About Leap Day?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

leap year facts

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  • By 1577 the difference between the Julian calendar and the Earth's position relative to the sun was out of sync by 10 days
  • A more accurate leap year system was commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII to synchronize the Earth's movements around the sun with the calendar
  • The chance of being born on leap day is 1 in 1,461; those odds were broken by a Norwegian family
  • In addition to an extra day every four years, intermittently an extra second is added to the clock

Do you feel like doing something out of the ordinary today? It might be because on Leap Day interesting things have happened throughout history. Everyone knows you have 365 days on the calendar, but nearly every four years you get an extra day.

This happens since nearly every four years the dates on the calendar don’t line up with the true year, or the amount of time it takes the Earth to orbit the sun. In other words, leap year is the year an extra day is added to the month of February to synchronize the seasons with the calendar.

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