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Are You Sitting on a Health Crisis?

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  • As the U.K. leaves the European Union, they are losing certain health protections, such as the focus on concerns with fire retardant chemicals
  • Most deaths and injuries that happen during fires are from the toxic fumes released when household items doused in fire retardants burn
  • The phase-out of one fire retardant in 2004 was replaced with another, more toxic chemical currently found in nearly every person participating in a recent study
  • The second chemical is called a "regrettable substitution" and is increasing the rate of many types of cancers in firefighters and thyroid cancer in homeowners
  • Some cities are making a slow move toward banning fire retardants; you can reduce your exposure by purchasing items labeled without fire retardants and clean with a damp cloth to trap dust

In this short video by Green Science Policy Institute, you'll discover how flame retardants are one of six classes of chemicals found in consumer products that negatively affect your health. While adding chemicals to slow fire ignition may have begun with good intentions, the chemicals are worse than ineffective — they are dangerous.

If they were effective, their strongest supporters would be firefighters. Yet, this population is among the strongest opponents of adding fire retardant chemicals to products. As demonstrated in the video, when treated furniture burns, it releases a greater amount of toxic smoke than untreated furniture.

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