Ultimate Guide to Combating Coronavirus Ultimate Guide to Combating Coronavirus


Which Soap Is Best for Preventing Outbreaks?

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best hand soap for frequent hand washing

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  • Research suggests that were people to more frequently wash their hands during travel, the risk of pandemic infection could be reduced by 24% to 69%
  • Increasing the hand-washing rate at just 10 key airports with the highest infection spread rate could reduce the risk of a pandemic by as much as 37%
  • Frequently washing your hands during influenza season and other pandemic outbreaks is a crucial safety measure. Habituated face-touching is a vector for self-inoculation and transmission of infectious diseases, and most people touch their face an average of 23 times per hour
  • It’s important to wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, using soap and water. Only when soap and water are unavailable is alcohol-based hand sanitizer recommended, as soap eliminates viruses more effectively
  • Soap very effectively destroys most viruses, including COVID-19. Soap dissolves the fatty membrane that holds the virus together. As the virus falls apart, it is rendered harmless and can easily be washed off under running water

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreading across the world at a rapid clip, health authorities are stressing the importance of frequent hand-washing. Indeed, strategic hand-washing is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus and your own risk of illness.

As noted in a December 2019 study in the Risk Analysis journal, which investigated the spread patterns of flu-type viruses, intercontinental flights allow infectious pathogens to spread like wildfire.

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