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Coronavirus Vaccine Will Bypass Safety Testing

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  • Researchers are foregoing some of the normally required safety testing in order to get a coronavirus vaccine out as soon as possible. The biotech company Moderna is also relying on a novel manufacturing technique to produce their genetically engineered coronavirus vaccine in record time
  • Moderna is using synthetic mRNA to instruct DNA to produce the same kind of proteins COVID-19 uses to gain access into our cells. The idea is that your immune system will learn to recognize and kill the real virus
  • It will still be at least a year before the vaccine, if successful in limited human trials, will be available to the public. But that’s a significantly shorter wait time than the 15 to 20 years it normally takes to bring an experimental vaccine to market
  • Fast-tracking vaccine development and licensure has considerable risks. It might be ineffective (which is typically the case for the seasonal influenza vaccine), or it might cause serious side effects (as was the case with the fast-tracked H1N1 swine flu vaccine in 2009), or it just might worsen infection rather than prevent it
  • The fast-tracked ASO3-adjuvanted H1N1 swine flu vaccine Pandemrix (used in Europe but not in the U.S. in 2009-2010) has been causally linked to childhood narcolepsy, which abruptly skyrocketed in several countries after its release

Safety testing for vaccines typically leaves much to be desired to begin with, but when it comes to fast-tracked pandemic vaccines, safety testing is accelerated and becomes even more inadequate. It looks like that will be the case with plans underway to fast-track a COVID-19 vaccine to market.

As reported by STAT News, researchers are foregoing some of the normally required safety testing in order to get a genetically engineered coronavirus vaccine out in record time. What’s more, at least one vaccine manufacturer is relying on an entirely novel technique to produce their coronavirus vaccine in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, while by-passing traditional animal testing before conducting human clinical trials. STAT News reports:

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