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What Is the Best Disinfectant for Surfaces?

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  • Due to it being an enveloped virus (meaning its single-strand RNA is enveloped in a bubble of lipid or fatty molecules), COVID-19 (as all other coronaviruses) is highly susceptible to soap and disinfectants
  • To disinfect and sterilize surfaces around your home, you need to clean the surface first. Soap and water is a good choice. Once the surface is clean of dirt and sticky grime, spray your chosen disinfectant on the surface and let it set for up to several minutes before wiping
  • If using an alcohol-based disinfectant to inactivate and protect against coronaviruses on surfaces around your home, make sure it contains between 60% and 80% alcohol. Higher concentrations are less potent
  • Chlorine disinfectants such as household bleach have broad antimicrobial activity and effectively kills bacteria, fungi and viruses, including influenza viruses
  • Accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) is more effective than 3% hydrogen peroxide and appears to be the most effective virucide overall. It can kill viruses in as little as 30 seconds. Other easy but effective home disinfectants include 10% malt vinegar and distilled white vinegar in combination with 3% hydrogen peroxide (see safety precautions)

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus identified in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019, is part of a family of viruses with a crown- or halo-like (corona) appearance. As explained on the Virginia Department of Health website, seven human coronaviruses have currently been identified:

Types 229E, NL63, OC43 and KHU1 are quite common and cause mild to moderate respiratory infections such as the common cold.

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