How Americans Prevented the COVID Jab Mandate

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

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  • March 23, 2023, Barbara Loe Fisher, cofounder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), unveiled a public Truth and Freedom monument outside the Mercola office in Cape Coral, Florida
  • The monument is dedicated to the casualties of one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination policies. It also celebrates civil liberties and human rights, the first of which is the right to autonomy and protection of bodily integrity
  • At the center of the monument is a 7-foot-tall silvered bronze angel with a wing span of nearly 5 feet. In her upraised hand, she holds a torch, which symbolizes the light of truth. In the other arm, she cradles a baby, which symbolizes the future of humanity
  • Part of what has allowed the NVIC to become so effective is its Advocacy Portal, which was established in 2010 to secure and defend informed consent protections in U.S. vaccine laws. It gives you the information and tools you need to connect with your local community, and to participate in the legislative process of your state. The opposition mounted by regular people at the grassroots level in many states is what has prevented many detrimental mandatory vaccination bills from being rammed through state legislatures and turned into law over the past 13 years. This is also how we were able to stop COVID jab mandates in the U.S. in 2021 and 2022
  • During the COVID public health emergency declaration, government leaders and mainstream media went so far overboard with their pushing of COVID shots that they inadvertently alerted people to the potential dangers of vaccines and exposed the incestuous relationship between government agencies and Big Pharma. As a result, an estimated 50% of Americans now are asking questions and expressing doubts about the safety and effectiveness of all vaccines

March 23, 2023, Barbara Loe Fisher, cofounder and president of the charitable National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and NVIC co-founder Kathi Williams and I unveiled a public Truth and Freedom monument outside the Mercola office in Cape Coral, Florida.

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It’s a majestic bronze and marble monument dedicated to the many casualties of one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination laws. It also celebrates civil liberties and human rights, the first of which is the right to autonomy and protection of bodily integrity.

“If you don't have that right, if you cannot exercise that right, you can't exercise an informed consent to medical risk-taking, which includes vaccine risk-taking,” Fisher says.

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As she points out, there are lots of monuments in Washington, D.C., dedicated to prominent figures and wars. But there are no monuments to those who lost their lives because of mandatory vaccination policies and laws that include sanctions for noncompliance. For casualties of one-size-fits all vaccine policies, the risks of vaccination have turned out to be 100%, and we’ve certainly seen that during the last three years.

Fisher has been warning that the mandatory vaccination system is flawed since 1982. Since then, it’s only gotten more corrupt, not less, as government vaccination programs are inexorably tied to the business interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Government no longer really regulates vaccines. It makes national policy promoting their mandatory use and profits from vaccine patents. Government agencies are in business with Big Pharma through the development of public-private partnerships that have grown stronger over the past four decades with the blessing of Congress.

A Guardian of Freedom

In 2019, the World Health Organization declared that “vaccine hesitancy” is one of the top 10 threats to global public health, and media went into a feeding frenzy, going after anyone who asked questions about vaccine safety, or questioned the sanity of giving children 72 doses of 17 vaccines.

“I knew we needed to create a tangible physical monument that would symbolize freedom, autonomy, the right to protect bodily integrity — and also acknowledge and honor those who are casualties of these vaccination policies,” Fisher says. “I knew it was something that needed to be done. So, I started planning it.

I first envisioned it as a white marble monument with inscriptions. I always knew I wanted a guardian angel to be part of it. But when I went down to Bonita Springs, to Fine's Gallery, and looked at all of the statues, I decided that the angel, the guardian angel of freedom should be made out of bronze because bronze is a strong, strong material.

My daughter is an illustrator, so I described what I wanted and she drew this angel. The angel is silvered bronze, standing 7 feet high with a wing spread of nearly 5 feet, and holding up in one arm, the torch, which symbolizes the light of truth, and in the other arm, a baby, which symbolizes the future of humanity.

The angel, of course, reminds us of our duty to protect our children, who are our future. I then created, behind the angel, three arches of marble, and on the center arch is the inscription from the Bible, ‘The truth will set you free,’ and on either side are quotes.

On the one side: ‘Your body was designed to stay well. You hold in your hands the power to take control of your health. Never let anyone take your right to health away.’ ~ Dr. Mercola

On the other is something that I've been saying for many years: ‘If the state can tag, track down and force individuals to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.’ ~ Barbara Loe Fisher

That is a warning that if we do not take a stand right now for autonomy and protection of bodily integrity, we might as well resign ourselves to be slaves in an authoritarian state, because we all know that's where it's going.

I'm so proud that it stands on this beautiful land that you [Dr. Mercola] donated in front of the Mercola Market, with palm trees and green grass and flowers and water reservoirs. It's a beautiful, beautiful setting. And I feel very sure that that guardian angel of freedom will be standing there for a long time.”

Mothers Have Been Gaslighted

As noted by Fisher, for decades, mothers have been gaslighted and told their children’s injuries are coincidental, even though the children were perfectly healthy and developing normally prior to the fateful vaccinations.

“The entire mass vaccination system, the mandatory system, is predicated and based on the original vaccine, the smallpox vaccine,” Fisher explains.

“If you go back and look at that vaccine and look at the pioneers in the 19th and early 20th century who were protesting against mandatory use of smallpox vaccine, they were doing that because they were seeing what was happening to the healthy babies who, after they were vaccinated, developed horrendous reactions.

Yet some very famous people, John Pitcairn in the U.S. and Laura Little, whose 7-year-old son died after smallpox vaccination [were speaking out]. You had Dr. [Alfred Russell] Wallace in Britain, who was a co-discoverer of natural selection — he spoke out. There were scientists and doctors and mothers and activists speaking out.

And what should have happened is, scientific studies should have been done. But they were not done. They just kept pressing forward with ‘Everyone's got to get this smallpox vaccine regardless of what their medical history is, regardless of whether they’re sick or not.’

It was this one-size-fits-all approach, and that is something I have been talking about for four decades. I knew it was dangerous because we're not all the same. We don't all respond the same way to pharmaceutical products, and certainly not to vaccines. Yet they refuse to individualize the policy.

They just take a utilitarian, ‘for the greater good’ approach. And to me that is immoral. You don't write off some people for the rest, especially when you're not doing everything you can to find out who they are.

So, I'm so proud of this monument because, again, it's about more than just the casualties of mass vaccination policies. It's about fundamental human rights, of which the right to autonomy is the first human right ...

I co-wrote a book, ‘DPT: A Shot in the Dark,’ in 1985. I did a deep dive with Dr. [Harris] Coulter, who was my co-author, into the medical literature ... [and] I interviewed over 100 mothers whose children had regressed into poor health after DPT shots. So, I knew, even with the [meagre] medical literature that we had, that 70% to 80% of the children who were getting DPT shots were having some kind of reaction.

There were a lot of reactions occurring. There are still a lot of reactions occurring to DTaP, which is a purified, less reactive vaccine. But it still can cause brain damage. It still can cause encephalitis. And the other vaccines, MMR, hepatitis B, HIB, Gardasil, there are a whole host of vaccines that all have side effects.

So, I believe the problem was that doctors were dismissing those side effects as not associated. They were telling the parents that it was just a coincidence, that their child's regression had nothing to do with those symptoms.”

Silver Lining of COVID-19 Pandemic — Added Vaccine Hesitancy

During our discussion I asked Barbara the following question:

“I'm wondering if you can comment on the shift or the impact that COVID-19 has had on waking up a larger percentage of the population to the dangers of all vaccines? Can we get your estimates on that because it seems that most of the vaccine injuries prior to then, they were relatively minor in numbers.

So, they were very easy to be marginalized and dismissed. But when they leveled it up with the COVID jabs, it's exponentially worsened. So, in my view, it seems that the silver lining of that process is that more people started to become awake as to the serious, serious concern here.”

Unfortunately, as we frequently do during our interviews, we went down a few rabbit holes and never answered the question. Since our interview however there was a study that looked at this very question and Epoch Times1 a few days ago reviewed their findings of the recent 225 page UNICEF's report The State of the World's Children 2023, For Every Child Vaccination.

The report found that that confidence in childhood vaccines has fallen up to 44% in 52 countries coinciding with the largest sustained backslide in childhood immunization in 30 years. Folks, in my minds, that is one of the biggest victories of this century and may have been worth all the suffering we have endured the last few years.

Vaccine Versus Immunization

Indeed, the word “vaccine” comes from the Latin word “vaccinia,” which means “infection of cowpox.” The Latin word “vacca” means “cow.” The term “immunization” is often regarded as interchangeable with “vaccine,” but Fisher stopped using that word years ago, because the term “immunization” implies that you have an immune response that protects you, and many vaccines do not provide immunity.

“Pertussis vaccine was the first vaccine I studied,” Fisher says, “and I learned that there were many vaccine failures with pertussis vaccine. The whole cell pertussis vaccine was notoriously unreliable in terms of preventing infection and transmission, just like we're seeing with COVID vaccine.

If you look at influenza vaccine, [that’s] another vaccine with very, very low percentage chance of preventing infection and transmission. It's widely known. So, a lot of people, I think, have awakened in the last three years to this fact — that vaccines do not reliably prevent infection and transmission and they carry serious risks.

In remarks I gave that day on March 25 when we dedicated the Truth and Freedom monument, I said it's clear that these vaccines are not preventing infection and transmission. And it's clear, with 1.5 million reactions already filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), that it is the most reactive vaccine we've ever used.”

Will the Next Pandemic Target Our Children?

Working-age adults have been the primary casualties from the COVID jabs, not children, but that could change in the next pandemic. October 23, 2022, Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins and the World Health Organization cohosted “a global challenge” tabletop exercise dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,”2,3 involving a novel (and as of now fictional) pathogen called “severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025” (SEERS-25).

Enterovirus D684 is typically associated with cold and flu-like illness in infants, children and teens. In rare cases, it’s also been known to cause viral meningitis and acute flaccid myelitis, a neurological condition resulting in muscle weakness and loss of reflexes in one or more extremities.

Enteroviruses A71 and A6 are known to cause hand, foot and mouth disease,5 while poliovirus, the prototypical enterovirus, causes polio (poliomyelitis), a potentially life-threatening type of paralysis that primarily affects children under age 5. So, the virus they modeled in this simulation appears to be something like enterovirus D68, but worse.

Typically, these kinds of tabletop exercises allow them to fine-tune and decide on the strategies they're going to use when something very similar takes place in real life. Curiously, the exercises seem to be highly predictive of what happens, so I suspect there's a high likelihood that something like SEERS-25 may eventually materialize and target young children.

There’s a lot of predictive talk about bird flu and Marburg virus as well. Any one of these, or something else, could be the next pandemic. What seems sure is that there will be another pandemic, seeing how the globalist takeover largely hinges on the idea that we need a centralized, top-down biosecurity apparatus.

And, a virus that targets children is a good way to manipulate frightened parents into getting both themselves and their children lined up for the next generation of gene therapies posing as vaccines.

Creating additional pandemics also make sense when you consider that the globalists desperately want vaccine passports and digital IDs. COVID no longer justifies vaccine passports, as it’s now becoming mainstream knowledge that the COVID shots don’t prevent infection. So, probably, they’ll want and need to try to create justification for vaccine passports with some other pandemic.

Global Vaccine Tracking Has Been the Plan for Decades

As noted by Fisher, electronic vaccine tracking systems date back to the measles outbreak in the late 1980s. At the time, she was on a vaccine advisory committee as a consumer member at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

“I remember when that whole controversy came through that committee. Quickly their solution was to add another MMR shot, add another measles, mumps and rubella shot, with no real study as to whether that is the solution. They didn't drill down, or if they did, they weren't revealing what they found out to the public.

But that is when they decided they were going to create these electronic vaccine tracking systems to make sure every child under age 2 got the measles shot. They selected 10 cities, and there were Hollywood celebrities who promoted these vaccine tracking systems in those cities.

Then, information came out that what they really planned to do was go to state tracking systems, and then to a national vaccine tracking system, and then to a global vaccine tracking system. They knew decades ago that this was the plan.”

So, when you see the World Health Organization push for an international treaty that would give it the power to dictate pandemic and health emergency policy across the world, understand that this did not arise as a result of the COVID pandemic. It’s a plan that has been in the works for decades. It’s just now coming to fruition.

Also, consider this: The WHO is responsible for the creation and harmonization of medical diagnostic codes called ICD-10 codes.

In April 2022, new ICD-10 codes that track unvaccinated and “undervaccinated” people were added, and since these diagnostic codes are used around the world, it seems reasonable to assume the WHO will create (or has already created) a global database to track vaccination status, especially seeing how it’s already working on a global vaccine passport system as well.

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is about as dreadful as it can get, because if the WHO is given the sole power to dictate pandemic policy, member nations will not be able to oppose vaccine mandates and stop government officials from enforcing vaccination policies and laws that are being dictated by globalists at the United Nations.

Human rights will be tossed out, and based on the way the treaty is currently written, local, state and federal laws, including the U.S. Constitution, would be superseded by the WHO’s dictates.

“A lot of people don't know that in the U.S., we defeated the COVID vaccine mandate. We did not have a COVID vaccine passport in this country because no state legislature voted for it. That was because we organized in the states for about 12 years and educated legislators. But if they do something that makes the United States part of a treaty that actually makes us have to obey what the WHO says, then we can't stop it,” Fisher says.

World War III Is an Information War

I’ve been a financial supporter of the NVIC for 15 years now. I’ve also carried the NVIC’s message to an international audience, which has allowed the NVIC to educate people both in the U.S. and abroad.

“This has been very, very important,” Fisher says. “I hear from people from all over the world who heard about NVIC through your newsletters. This is a war that we're in. It's an information war.

You and I have been the target of a lot of criticism — over our partnership, and for what we're trying to do, which is to educate the public about the fact that vaccines are not risk-free, and the fact that you should have the human right to make an informed and voluntary decision about vaccination.

That should not be controversial. Why is that something that can be subjected to the kind of censorship that you and I have been subjected to? In 2021, NVIC was taken off of all four social media platforms after our conference that we held online in October of 2020. Simply because we brought together scientists, doctors, bioethicists and theologians to have a civilized conversation about these issues, we got punished.

First of all, they [those who attacked NVIC] told lies. They said it was a secret meeting — like a conspiratorial secret meeting — when it wasn't. It was public. A publicly promoted conference.

Beyond that, they demonized, marginalized and gaslighted an organization, a charity, that has been around since 1982 and has worked in state legislatures. I have sat, for more than 20 years, on government vaccine advisory committees.

I have presented at the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences. I have tried to participate in government and in the system to make the case that they need to do better science and not throw people under the bus.

I mean, how immoral is it to just write people off as sacrifices for the greater good when they're not even doing the science to find out who those people are so their lives can be spared?!

My son was not an acceptable sacrifice, and all the mothers I've worked with over the years, they all say the same thing. They also feel guilty, because they took their child in, they asked their doctors questions, the doctors told them ‘It’s safe and effective, don't worry about it.’ And then their children regressed and were never the same again.

This is the biggest scandal in the history of medicine — these mandatory vaccination laws and the medical system that refuses to acknowledge the casualties of that mandatory policy. And I know, as long as I'm on this earth, I am not going to stand down. I am not going to be quiet, because this is a fight worth fighting.”

How to Mount Effective Opposition

Part of what has allowed the NVIC to become so effective is its NVIC Advocacy Portal. It gives you the information and tools you need to connect with your local community, and to participate in the legislative process of your state. On the International Advocacy page, you can also find resources for a number of other countries.

The opposition mounted by people just like you is what has allowed so many detrimental vaccine bills from being rammed through and turned into law. This is also how we were able to stop COVID jab mandates in the U.S., so the impact of the NVIC Advocacy Portal really cannot be overstated. It’s one of the greatest achievements of our 15-year-long collaboration, and your generous donations. Fisher explains:

“Many years ago I worked with Dawn Richardson, when she was the head of an organization called PROVE [Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education], out of Texas. This was in the 1990s. Dawn wanted to get a law passed in Texas that would allow people — parents — more flexibility in making vaccine choices, and we settled on a conscientious belief exemption to vaccination.

I've always been a great proponent of the freedom to exercise conscience. I believe it is a fundamental human right, and conscience covers personal beliefs, it covers religious beliefs. Conscience is something we all are born with or should be born with, and the ability to exercise freedom of thought and belief is part of [the exercise of] conscience.

So, we decided on a conscientious belief exemption. It took seven years, and she was an incredible parent lobbyist in Texas. I watched what she did there. Then, around 2009 ... I could feel the noose tightening, and I thought, ‘Let's see if we can do for the rest of the states what we did in Texas.’

So, I asked Dawn to come on and she and her husband created a software program. We named it the NVIC Advocacy Portal. This portal is an online communications and advocacy tool. You register for free, and by registering, you will get emailed notices when bills are moving in your state that will either restrict or expand your right to make voluntary vaccine choices.

So, over the years we've fought vaccine tracking systems, we have fought mandates, we have educated legislators about the need to protect informed consent rights when it comes to vaccination. What's been interesting is that, in 2010, when we first started, we had way more bills that we opposed than we supported.

What we'll do is, we'll give you guidance. When you're registered [for the Advocacy Portal], you often get guidance on what you can say to your own state legislator about the bill that's moving through your state. You will also be connected with your legislator with one click. You'll have all the contact information for not only your state legislators, but also federal legislators.

So, it's a really neat little tailored communications tool. At any rate, we began by opposing most bills. Well, in the last five years, especially the last three years, all of a sudden we're supporting more [vaccine-related] bills than we're opposing.

Why? Because the legislators finally are figuring it out, and the state legislators are the ones responsible for making vaccine laws, unless they have taken themselves out of the equation and turned over that lawmaking authority to health departments in the states ...

Because we had done all this work a decade ahead of the pandemic, these legislators got it. They looked at the science on these mRNA vaccines and they started asking questions.

A great example is Florida. Governor DeSantis started to do his own research, and he started to talk to doctors who were saying, ‘Hey, there's something wrong with this vaccine. It's not really a vaccine anyway, in the traditional sense; it's manipulating the cells of the body.’

So, he started to ask questions. Other governors and others started to ask questions. And we were able to successfully stop a COVID vaccine mandate in all the state legislatures — and the COVID vaccine passport. You know how incredible that is?

I'll tell you why. Because we [the U.S.] are a constitutional republic. We're not a democracy. That is a big myth. We are a constitutional republic that democratically elects representatives at the state, local and federal levels. That's different from a democracy where the majority always rules. In our country, minorities have rights which limit the power of the majority.

That is how our founders set up our government. One of the things they did was to decentralize power. And states, since the beginning, have had authority over public health for the residents within that state, whereas the federal government makes national [public health and] vaccine policy.

But the only authority they [federal government officials] have to mandate [vaccines] is for the people coming across the borders … interstate commerce power. If they really wanted to, they could try to stop people at the borders of states. They have not pulled that trigger yet. They can pull that trigger. They may well pull that trigger in the future. But right now, in this country, vaccine laws are primarily state laws.

Now what did President Biden try to do during the COVID pandemic? He tried to do an end run around the states. He tried to say, ‘Well, we want all those corporations and employers who have more than 100 employees to mandate the COVID vaccine as a condition for employment.’ That ... fell apart. There were challenges to it in the courts, and it got shut down. He basically abandoned it, eventually. So, this is encouraging.

There were certainly protests in a lot of other countries where they did get that mandate. But here, we worked through the system and we stopped it. I'm a big believer in working the system.

We have to get involved in government. And I've said this many times, if we do not get involved in government at every level, from your city council to your school boards, to your county supervisors, to your state legislators, to the federal, we're going to lose our government to people who are getting involved and want to take our liberty away.

They [globalist collectivists] want to take our liberty by saying ‘If we take your liberty, we promise you security and prosperity’ … in the history of the world, that has never worked. I don't believe in a collectivist society, and that is what they're trying to make us, rather than one that is built on foundational civil liberties and natural rights.”

Participate in NVIC’s Virtual Monument

If you have the opportunity to visit the Truth and Freedom monument, located outside the Mercola Market in Cape Coral, Florida, take a photo of yourself in front of it and share it on social media with a comment about your personal experience with vaccination, or how you feel about liberty and bodily autonomy. You can also upload it to the NVIC’s Truth and Freedom Monument page. It’s a virtual space where you can make your voice heard.


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Why We MUST Have Informed Consent Protections

That said, the biggest impact you could possibly have is to become a registered user of the NVIC Advocacy Portal and get involved in the legislative process.

“I'm praying for the continued vigilance, the continued engagement of families and doctors,” Fisher says. “We have many amazing doctors who have stepped forward during this pandemic, who have joined us in terms of being voices urging caution, and questioning the science that needs to be questioned.

This is very hopeful as well to me, because when we first started out in the '80s, the doctors were petrified of stepping out of line. We had a few brave doctors who did stand with us. In 1997, we held the first international public conference on vaccination. We've had five now.

But they don't want to talk about those gatherings of scientists and physicians and parents joining together and taking a stand, or the shoddy science that underpins these public health policies. That to me is one of the most shocking aspects — the science is really bad. It's not methodologically sound — not the epidemiological studies or the bench science, the biological mechanism studies, which is what we really need.

What happens in the human body at the cellular molecular level when you inject these vaccines into children, sometimes 10 or 12 vaccines on one day? What happens to their immune function? To their brain function? What happens to their DNA? There's none of that [kind of research].

Why? Because the public-private partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the government is preventing those studies from being done. So what do we have as citizens? All we have is the ability to make sure we have informed consent protections in these vaccine laws.”

More Information

In closing, please take a moment and sign up for the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal. For information about vaccine safety and related news, check out There, you’ll find articles and downloadable educational material. You can also find a wide variety of information on Lastly, NVIC also sponsors, a user-friendly search engine for VAERS. MedAlerts was recently upgraded, so it has a number of new helpful features.

“I'm hopeful about the future,” Fisher says. “I believe more people are waking up and it's just a matter of people becoming engaged and not feeling paralyzed or hopeless, or feeling like they can't do anything to stop that tsunami. It seems daunting sometimes, but you can make a difference in your community. You can do something every day to educate somebody about this issue.”

As noted by Fisher, the COVID debacle has done a lot to wake people up, not just to the risks of experimental mRNA shots but to the mandatory vaccination racket in its entirety.

Health agencies and government leaders went so far overboard — literally bribing people with everything from hamburgers and doughnuts to blunts of marijuana and million-dollar state lotteries to get the supposedly life-saving “vaccine” — that many finally realized that there is something really wrong here.

“I saw that and said to myself, ‘They've gone too far. They've finally overstepped.’ And they did,” Fisher says. “And what happened was, everybody, the whole world, had time on their hands as they were isolated, to go to their computers and start doing research ...

Then came the policies that you couldn't hold a job or you couldn't go into [certain venues if you weren’t vaccinated] ... By their overreach, public health officials actually educated the people about vaccine risks.

And then what did they do? They found out about VAERS. We kept promoting the fact you can report to VAERS, and so did a lot of other groups, and people started reporting to VAERS.

By the hundreds of thousands, they were reporting to VAERS. And guess what? That is only the tip of the iceberg because less than 1% of reactions are ever reported. In fact, there are cases now where health care workers were punished for reporting to VAERS.

They were actively discouraged from reporting, which is a violation of the federal 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which requires doctors and healthcare workers to report adverse events after vaccination ...

I believe that at this point, more than 50% of people in this country are questioning vaccines, because when people think of a vaccine like the COVID vaccine, and they come to the conclusion that it wasn't tested properly, it was rushed to market, they hid the risks — they certainly didn't tell the truth about the fact that it doesn't prevent infection and transmission reliably.

So, now they go, ‘Oh, my doctor wants me to get that flu vaccine? Or, the doctor wants me to give my children vaccines? Wait a minute, maybe I'll take another look.’

And they should. Vaccine is a vaccine is a vaccine. Some vaccines are more reactive than others, but all vaccines carry risks that can be greater for some people than others. And that's why you have to have the right to make an informed and voluntary decision. And that's what the Truth and Freedom monument is about. Defending that right.”


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