‘One Health’ — The Global Takeover of Everything

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

Story at-a-glance

  • The World Health Organization is seeking to cement its control over global health through amendments to the international health regulations (IHR) and its pandemic treaty
  • The pandemic treaty will grant the WHO power over far more than pandemic responses. It emphasizes the “One Health” agenda, which combines human health, animal health and environmental concerns into one
  • Under the One Health agenda, the WHO would have power to make decisions relating to diet, agriculture and livestock farming, environmental pollution, movement of populations and much more
  • Private interests wield immense power over the WHO, and a majority of the funding is “specified,” meaning it’s earmarked for particular programs. The WHO cannot allocate those funds wherever they’re needed most. This too massively influences what the WHO does and how it does it. So, the WHO is an organization that does whatever its funders tell it to do
  • The globalist takeover hinges on the successful creation of a feedback loop of surveillance for virus variants, declaration of potential risk followed by lockdowns and restrictions, followed by mass vaccinating populations to “end” the pandemic restrictions, followed by more surveillance and so on. The funding for this scheme comes primarily from taxpayers, while the profits go to corporations and their investors

In the March 22, 2023, video above, Dr. David Bell, Ph.D., a PANDA Science Sense Society1 executive committee member,2 reviews the new international pandemic treaty proposed by the World Health Organization — what it is and the impact it will have on democracy and freedom across the world — and the proposed amendments to the WHO’s international health regulations (IHR).3 As noted by PANDA:4

“The COVID event has revealed that it was about more than just public health and the political, economic and societal aspects of the response are of far greater significance than the virus itself. There remains a continued drive toward the transformation of our societies in ways that threaten democracy and our existing ways of life.”

The WHO’s pandemic treaty and the IHR amendments are two of the strategies that are driving us “toward transformation of society that threaten democracy and our existing ways of life.” Both are aimed at achieving the same thing, namely centralizing power over nations with the WHO.

The WHO Is Wholly Compromised

As noted by Bell, the WHO is no longer what it used to be. For starters, private interests now wield immense power over the organization. Bill Gates is the largest funder of the WHO when you add together the donations from the Gates Foundation and his other organizations, such as GAVI the Vaccine Alliance.

Another major change is that most of the funding is “specified,” meaning it’s earmarked for specific programs. The WHO cannot allocate those funds wherever they’re needed most. This too massively influences what the WHO does and how it does it. As noted by Bell, “The WHO is very much an organization that does whatever its funders tell it to do.”

As just mentioned, Gates wields the greatest financial influence, and he never seems to fund anything that he can’t profit from at the backend. For example, he funds a “green revolution” in Africa that promotes genetically engineered (GE) crops because he’s invested in the companies that supply GMO seeds. The end result is greater famine and poverty, but Gates laughs all the way to the bank.

He also funds vaccination campaigns for the very vaccines he’s invested in. It’s not about charity or doing good for the world. He simply creates markets for his investments.

Bell points out that the COVID lockdown strategy clearly did not come from the WHO itself, but rather from some outside source. How do we know this? Because its pandemic guidelines up until the COVID outbreak called for isolating infected patients only, for seven to 10 days.

Then, when COVID came about, that guidance was completely turned on its head, and the entire world, sick and healthy alike, were told to self-isolate for weeks and months at a time. Someone made the WHO issue this irrational and unscientific recommendation.

As a result of lockdowns, several of the WHO’s supposed goals for global health and well-being, especially for children, suffered dramatic setbacks, yet they didn’t seem to care.

On top of that, the WHO pushed for mass vaccination of populations they clearly knew had extremely low risk for COVID — children and young adults in terms of age groups, and Africa in terms of geographic location. Not surprisingly, Gates vaccine-related organizations (GAVI and CEPI) led that charge.

COVID Countermeasures Had Nothing to Do With Health Care

Bell also highlights how idiotic the vaccination narrative was. “With a fast-moving pandemic, no one is safe unless everyone is safe.” That motto was reiterated everywhere to promote the COVID jab, yet it’s completely irrational, because people who recover from the infection have natural immunity.

They are extremely safe, regardless of others’ vulnerability. We don’t need the whole world to be immune. We just need to meet the threshold for herd immunity and the vulnerable are automatically protected by those with natural immunity.

“What this is telling you is that the people running this are not interested in evidence, in truth, or even in being logical,” Bell says. “They’re interested in sound bytes, and this has nothing to do with health care. Nothing.”

If not about health, what was the pandemic response about? In short, it was about money, and more specifically, wealth transfer. Forty new billionaires were created while some 200,000 small businesses were destroyed in the U.S. in 2020 alone.5 Vaccine makers also made hundreds of billions of dollars on “vaccines” that provided virtually no protection while killing an unprecedented number of working age adults and decimating birth rates.

‘The Greatest Show on Earth’

Bell goes on to review how the pandemic industry is putting on “the greatest show on earth.” According to the pandemic industry, pandemics are becoming more frequent. This is false, Bell says.

They also claim there’s “increasing interaction between humans and wildlife or livestock,” the insinuation being that lethal viruses regularly jump species. This notion, Bell says, is just “plain silly.”

Still, these are the narratives they’re going with to create a feedback loop of surveillance for variants, declaration of potential risk, followed by lockdowns and restrictions, followed by mass vaccinating populations to “end” the pandemic restrictions, followed by more surveillance and so on. The funding for this scheme comes primarily from taxpayers, while the profits go to corporations and their investors.

Two Instruments to Seize Control

As explained by Bell, the two primary instruments that will turn the WHO into a central health police are the IHR amendments and the WHO’s pandemic treaty.6 The IHR amendments (which have force under international law) will provide “teeth” to the WHO’s goal of increased control over health emergencies, while the treaty will provide financing, governance and supply networks.

IHR Amendments Destroy National and Individual Sovereignty

The IHR amendments,7 as currently drafted:

Expand the definitions of pandemics and health emergencies. Specifically, it introduces “potential for harm” rather than actual harm. So, the WHO can mandate lockdowns or medical interventions based on the mere suspicion that a virus might cause public harm.

Change the recommendations of the IHR from nonbinding to mandatory, so member states MUST follow and implement the WHO’s recommendations.

Solidify the director-general’s ability to independently and single-handedly declare health emergencies.

Set up an extensive surveillance apparatus in all member states.

Enable the WHO to share country data without consent.

Give the WHO control over certain resources within member countries, including intellectual property rights.

Force national support for censorship activities directed by the WHO.

Change existing IHR provisions that affect individuals from nonbinding to binding, including provisions relating to border closures, travel restrictions, quarantines, medical examinations and the medication and vaccination of individuals.

Treaty Will Expand WHO’s Power Beyond Pandemics

Meanwhile, the pandemic treaty will:

Set up an international supply network overseen by the WHO.

Fund the WHO’s health emergency structures and processes by requiring at least 5% of national health budgets to be dedicated to health emergencies.

Set up a governing body under the auspice of the WHO to oversee the entire health emergency process.

Expand scope of the WHO’s power by emphasizing the “One Health”8,9 agenda, which recognizes that a very broad range of aspects of life and the environment can impact health and therefore fall under the “potential” to cause harm. This is how the WHO will be able to declare climate change as a health emergency and subsequently require climate lockdowns, for example.

The graphic10 below illustrates how the WHO’s scope of control is expanded under the One Health agenda to cover vast aspects of everyday life. Under the new treaty, the WHO will have unilateral power to make decisions about any of these areas, and its dictates will supersede and overrule any and all local, state and federal laws.

Interestingly, the term “One Health,” which was formally adopted by the WHO and the G20 health ministers in 2017, was first coined by the executive vice president of the EcoHealth Alliance, the same firm that appears to have had a hand in the creation of SARS-CoV-2, William Karesh, DVM, in a 2003 article on Ebola.11

One Health

Taxpayers Fund Their Own Exploitation

As noted by Bell, it’s not just the WHO that is pushing this agenda. It’s financed and promoted by a long list of organizations, including the United Nations, the European Union, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, the Wellcome Trust, UNICEF, CEPI, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Bank.

But while these entities are officially funding the pandemic industry, what’s really happening is they’re “using taxes to fund wealthy people to exploit poor populations elsewhere,” Bell says. We’re also funding our own exploitation and demise. It’s not just the poor that will suffer under a globalist totalitarian regime, but everyone who is not part of the globalists’ top echelon.

Taxpayers are providing the money while private profiteers are deciding how that money is spent, and it’s being spent in ways that will benefit themselves. So, it’s a private-public “partnership” where the public is being robbed and all the benefits go to the private sector.

Current Timeline

As it currently stands, the IHR amendments will be voted on in the World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2024, about a year from now. They only need a majority vote to pass. If that vote happens as planned, then the 10-month deadline for member states to reject the amendments will expire in March 2025, and the amendments will come into force in May 2025. If a member state opts out, then the current 2005 IHR version will apply to that state.

The WHO pandemic treaty will also be voted on by the WHA in May 2024. It requires a two-thirds majority vote to pass, and 30 member countries to ratify it. Thirty days after ratification, the treaty will take force for the countries that signed it.

The globalists don’t want to wait three years, however, so in the meantime, they’re working on a third avenue, which involves the creation of a “medical countermeasures platform for pandemics” under the WHO. And this platform will be implemented by September 2023. Many aspects of this platform will then simply morph right into the IHR amendments and the treaty.

“We need to understand that this whole thing is based on complete nonsense,” Bell says. “But it’s working.”

The Endgame, and How to Stop It

In an April 16, 2023, Substack article,12 Jessica Rose, a postdoctoral researcher in biology, tries to make sense of the last three years. Starting at the end, she believes the endgame is the “conversion of the majority of human beings into workers ... like ants.”

To get there, the globalists must dehumanize us, systematically chip away at the human spirit, render us infertile and destroy all notions of bodily autonomy and national sovereignty. And, like Bell says, the plan has worked quite well so far. But cracks are beginning to show. More and more people are starting to put the puzzle pieces together, as Rose attempts to do in her article.

The COVID pandemic was the set-up, Rose suggests. It was geared to “test compliance levels” and set the scene for the next act, which was to normalize all things abnormal. The trans movement, which completely overwhelmed the social consciousness in a single year, is a continuation and expansion of that “normalization of the abnormal” phase.

It’s also a major component of the agenda to dehumanize and sterilize the population. After all, trans youth — which are also among the most brainwashed individuals in society right now — are the future of humanity. A brand-new report by legal experts backed by the United Nations is also seeking to normalize pedophilia,13 which would further dehumanize and de-spirit our youth for generations to come.

Adding insult to injury, the report was published March 8, 2023, “in recognition” of International Women’s Day. Never mind the fact that young girls and women are the primary victims of this sick mindset.

The “manmade climate change” hysteria and subsequent war on carbon is another fabricated “emergency” that is unhinged from science and reality. And, like the global COVID response, the UN’s Sustainable Development goals are perfectly tailored to enable the endgame. Under these goals, human freedom, human health and quality of life are sacrificed to “protect the environment and save the planet.”

As Rose notes, if the WHO pandemic treaty goes through, we can expect to be locked down indefinitely under the guise of “some climate catastrophe, likely linked to some ‘deadly pathogen’ passed to humans via some insect vector like mosquitoes.”

By then, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will also be in place, which will enable the unelected totalitarian regime to enforce whatever restrictions the WHO and its funders dream up, be it related to the food you’re allowed to eat based on your carbon footprint, the drugs you’re forced to take, what causes you’re allowed to fund, what businesses you’re allowed to buy from, when and how far you’re allowed to travel or anything else.

“A practical way I can think of to stop the endgame from being realized is to stop the CBDC,” Rose writes. “Use cash. Insist upon it. Do not give business to stores that only use cashless systems. Supply equals demand, so demand the use of CASH. Use bitcoin. It’s the antithesis of CBDCs.”

Other Strategies to Reclaim Our Freedoms

At the end of his video, Bell also reviews some of the possible ways in which we can respond to the threats to our national sovereignty and personal freedom, and the challenges involved.

  • Reform the WHO — The question is how? Can it be reformed?
  • Exit and defund the WHO — Drawbacks of this strategy include the fact that countries that exit the WHO lose direct influence over its direction, and the pandemic industry will still exist and exert immense influence worldwide.
  • Ignore the amendments and the treaty — Few countries will be able to afford this, as noncooperative member states will be sanctioned by the rest. Malfeasant rulers will also still be enabled.
  • Educate the populace and politicians and “encourage noncompliance with stupidity” — This is “a hard road,” Bell says, “but [it] gives the people a voice.”

Educating the populace, politicians in particular, may ultimately be the best approach. As noted by Bell in an April 2, 2023, article in The Daily Sceptic:14

“The international community can benefit from coordination over public health. But that is not what CA+ [the pandemic treaty] proposes. This is a draconian measure aimed at taking away national sovereignty.

It gives vast powers to a single organization with troubling funding arrangements and a track record for causing terrible damage. Legislators should reject these proposals, refuse to send taxpayer money to the WHO and reject the notion of public health by dictate.”


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