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January 2006


3 Alzheimer Rate Exploding

Make 2006 Your Most Exciting Year Yet!

Amazing Video Shows What Your Future News May Look Like

Vitamin D: How Much Do You Know About this Vitamin That You Are Most Likely Deficient In?

Vaccine Makers Getting Inoculated From Lawsuits

Vitamin D: How Much Do You Know About this Vitamin That You Are Most Likely Deficient In?


5 The Secrets of Good Health for 2006

Guess Who's Joined in the Splenda Fight?

Ulcer Drugs Found to Cause Diarrhea and Colitis

Why Costco Blows Away Wal-Mart

A New Year, A New You!

How to Prevent Spam

Will Another Vioxx Critic be Silenced?


7 The Aspirin Myth -- Does it Really Help You?

Eli Lilly Slapped for Off-Label Drug Use

The Many Different Faces of Google

Healthy Lifestyle Pays You Off in the Short-Term Too

New Method Allows Rapid Anxiety Reduction



10 Treating Common Back Pain With Yoga

The Occasional Necessity of Conventional Medicine

Using Physics to Explain ''Magic''


12 The Science Behind Getting Wet in the Rain

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Screams

Fries and Potato Chips Aren't the Only Cancer-Causing Foods

What Do Fish Farms Use For Feed?

Are Your Limiting Beliefs About Money Ruining Your Life and Your Children's?


14 Protect Yourself From Pollution With Krill Oil

Youth at Risk: One in Three Kids Not Physically Fit

Big Time Pay Offs For Being Friendly at Work

How Many Times Can You Fold a Paper in Half?

Slash Your Blindness Risks by Changing Your Diet

Pain Relief Without Meds -- 80 Percent Success Rate



17 Could a Generic Zocor ''Hurt'' The Statin Market?

Dangerous Ideas Worth Reading

Prescribing The Healing Sounds of a Harp

How to Reach a Live Person When You Dial Big Companies

20 Ways to Find, Sustain and Share Happiness

Reduce Gum Disease with Grapefruit?


19 Michael Moore Drug Documentary Debuts This Fall

Does Drinking Alcohol Cut Your Diabetes Risk?

Improve Your Circulation by Walking

How to Survive Worst Case Scenarios

Developing a More Powerful Intuition

FDA Finally Studies Mercury in Canned Tuna


21 Dangerous Offender, Obesity, is Tied to Alzheimer's

Statin Drugs do NOT Prevent Cancer

Does Staying up Later Reduce Your Chances of Heartburn?

The Operation Was a Success, But The Patient Died

EFT: This Natural Method Helps Couples Overcome Fertility Issues



24 Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Prevent Osteoporosis

The Global Blight of Genetically Modified Crops

How to get Better and Less Expensive Coffee at Starbucks

OTC Cough Therapies Virtually Worthless

Polyphasic Sleep -- A New Way to Sleep?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): An Innovative Hope for Eating Disorders


26 Are You REALLY Used to Obesity?

What is America's Fattest City?

New York: Ground Zero For the Diabetes Epidemic

Another Hilarious Bush Video Parody

How Congressional Scandals Influence Your Trip to the Drug Store

Children and Pessimism


28 U.S. Faulted for Scant Oversight on GMOs

Film Cameras are so 20th Century

Amazing Photo From Hubble Telescope of the Orion Nebula

Being a Fat Baby Boomer Increases Your Risk of Dying

Deadly Mold Poisons Pet Foods

A No-Meds Method for Relieving Pain



31 What Did Washington Post Have to Say About

The Global Blight of Genetically Modified Crops

Beat Alzheimer's Naturally With Exercise

HDTV So Real-Looking, Even Pets Are Watching

One of the Best Disinfectants is Simple Soap

What Does Your Birth Have to do With Your Current Life Struggles?