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February 2006

2 How Food Affects Your Mental Health

Yet Another Way Drugs Can Kill Your Kids

How to Make Bridges, Arches and Spirals With Stacked Coins

The FDA's Insane New Drug Testing Rules

A Future PC The Size of a Pen?

What I Learned From Depression


4 Harming Your Eyesight With Impotency Drugs

How Many Wrinkles do You Really Have?

No Charge Directory Assistance Calls

Flu Drugs Don't Work

Kellogg Needs to Stop Marketing Sugary Cereals to Kids!



7 Experts Finally Recognize The Dangers With Soy

EPA Calls for Ban of Chemical Found in Non-Stick Cookware

The World According to Google

Exploring the Universe in Pictures

Eczema Creams Finally Merit Cancer Labeling

EFT: This New Method For Depression Often Works When Nothing Else Will


9 The U.S. Fat Economy

Finally Healthier Chickens Are Easier to Get at the Grocery Store

Stressful Events Made Easier by Making Love

Get a Stanford University Education at No Charge

Are You Color Blind?

The Real Reason America is So Fat


11 Having a Good Sense of Humor Really is Attractive

Mysteries of Sleep

Top 10 Amazing Discoveries and Pictures From Hubble

Beating Prostate Cancer Naturally With Curcumin

Great Timing Helps You Save on Big-Ticket Items

Medical Schools: Stay Away From Drugmakers Bearing Gifts!

Eliminating Intense Pain With The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)



14 It's Official: Non-Stick Cookware Chemical is a ''Likely'' Carcinogen

Holding Hands Can be a Natural Painkiller

How Much Have Americans Really Paid For Inferior Broadband Access?

What to Do if Your Finger is Cut Off

Soy Has Little, if Any, Effect on Heart Disease, Hot Flashes

10 Lies We think are Love -- Part One


16 Obesity, Pollution Elevate Your Heart Attack Risks

Vegetable Oil Fats Can Accelerate Cancer Growth

The Operation Was a Success, But The Patient Died

Experts Clash on Vitamin D

Filtering Information Improves Your Memory

10 Lies We Think are Love -- Part Two


18 Fatal Flaws in New Review of Omega-3 / Cancer Prevention Link

Fighting Obesity With a Balloon?

How Antidepressants Affect Your Immune System

Alcohol Use Linked to More Cancers

Dissolving Depression and Anxiety Without Even Discussing Them



21 McDonald's French Fries Have More Trans Fats Than Ever Before

Another Way Hospitals Can Kill You

Tips on Learning How to Speed-Read

Americans Taking More Sleeping Pills Than Ever

EFT: This Innovative Method Calms a Suicidal Client


23 Mothers: Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Lobbyists

Does Sexual Chemistry Last?

Laugh at the Super Bowl Commercials From Your Desktop

Bison Herds on the Rise Mean Good News for You!

Love from a Child's Perspective


25 The Waste of Bottled Water in America

18 Simple Solutions For Common Problems Revealed

Amazing New Animal Species Found in Indonesia

Veggie Chemical Repairs DNA Damage and Prevents Cancer

Imagine a Bathroom That Cleans Itself

EFT: A Novel Solution For Dyslexia



28 Does McDonald's Have Any Other Health-Harming Secrets They Need to Share?

Finally, U.S. Government Acknowledges How Dangerous Non-Stick Cookware Chemical Is

The Physics Behind Stone Skipping

Love is a Drug

Fast Food Beverages Might be Worse Than Toilet Water

How To Predict Your Future -- Create It!