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March 2006

2 The False Promise of GM Crops Never Realized

Are YOU Confused Like Everyone Else? Help Me Do Something About It Now!

Are YOU Confused Like Everyone Else? Help Me Do Something About It Now!

Why Should You Pay $100,000 a Year For a Cancer Drug -- Is This Extortion?

Be Careful How You Interpret E-Mails

Don't Buy Girl Scout Cookies!

How the Media CONSTANTLY Confuses You With Misinformation

The Number One Issue that Keeps Most People Poor!


4 Wake Up America! Even Improved Soybean Oil Isn't Good For You

Computer Mice or Trackballs May Get You Sick

Can H. Pylori and Parkinson's Be Linked?

American Drugmaker Blasted For Unethical Practices

Sidelined by Athletic Injuries? Try EFT to Help You Heal

Mercury Magnet Removes Dangerous Toxins From Your Body



7 Why Do Young Children Need Flu Shots?

How You are Being Fooled at the Meat Counter

Doctors: Get Rid of Your Ties!

Wal-Mart to Make its Own Splenda Knockoff

Breastfeeding Helps Prevent Overweight Teens

EFT: An Effective Drug-Free Approach to Anxiety


9 How Schools Influence Your Teen's Eating Habits

The Fallout From Negative Vioxx Studies Continues

Minocin Benefits Parkinson's Patients Too

How A Vaccine Could Destroy a Child's Health Forever

Super-Charge Your Goals to Create What You Really Want


11 Business More Important Than Health at the FDA

Can Grapefruit Lower Your Cholesterol?

Treat Kidney Stones Naturally by Doing Nothing

Worry: A Major Contributor to Poor Health

EFT: This New Bedside Treatment Soothes Pain, Anxiety and Fear



14 More Research Scandals in the News

Are Americans Getting Any Wiser About GM Foods?

Autism Doesn't Stop Teen From Being a Star on the Basketball Court

The Mind-Altering Benefits of Exercise

Can Statins Help ''Cure'' Erectile Dysfunction?

Angels Want to Help You


16 New Paint May Lower Your Exposure to EMF Fields

Ginkgo Can Be Useful for Aggressive Breast Cancer

Look at What Happened on Your Birthday For Free

Does Eating Chocolate Reduce Your Risk of Death?

Another Reason Sodas Cause Cancer

How to Feel up When Life is Getting You Down


18 Tequin: Another Antibiotic Found to be Killing People

Preparing Your Brain to Remember

Slicing a Banana Without Peeling It

One-Size-Fits-All Diets Don't Work!

How You Can Successfully Treat TB Without Drugs

New Bedside Treatment Soothes Pain, Anxiety and Fear



21 Autism Rates Fall With the Removal of Mercury

Cordless Phones Increase Your Brain Cancer Risks

What Happens to Boiling Water Thrown Outside at 40 Below?

Crazy FDA Ruling Allows Yet One More Lethal Drug on the Market

Good News! We are Winning the Soda Wars

How to Overcome the World's Most Common Fear -- Stage Fright


23 U.S. Eliminates State-Mandated Food Labeling

Coffee's Risk to Your Heart Depends Upon Your Metabolism

Learn the Art of Lucid Dreaming

Glycemic Index Deception Finally Understood

The Omega-3 Way to Better Mental Health

Three Reasons Why You are Struggling Financially


25 How Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is Affecting Your Health

How Dollars Dictated the Hasty Development of Vioxx

Arguing With Your Spouse Harms Your Heart Health

The Most Amazing Lifelike Text-to-Speech Demo I Have Ever Heard

Is the Fluoridation Movement Expanding?

An Easy Way to Relieve Childhood Fears



28 Drug Trials Turn Deadly

How Incandescent Light Affects Your Sleep

A Hilarious Drug Company Parody

Taking Plavix With Aspirin is a Deadly Combination

Former USDA Official Shares Secrets of Compromised U.S. Bureaucracy

Drawing Upon the Powers of the Heavens


30 Antiperspirant Use Can Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk

The Fallacy of Vegetarian Diets

Never Pay a Cell Phone Termination Fee Ever Again

Finally Infant Soy Formula Under Investigation

Is Your Negative Thinking Keeping You FAT!