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April 2006
1 Treating Gum Disease With Red Wine?

The Hidden Danger From Whirlpool Baths

A Clever Non-Toxic Mousetrap

Too Much or Too Little Sleep Raises Your Diabetes Risks

Antibiotic Exposure as a Baby Nearly Triples Asthma Risks

EFT: This New Method Brings Relief to Severe Emotional Disorders



4 Donald Rumsfeld Rakes in $5 Million For Tamiflu

Beat Prostate Cancer by Getting Your Omega-3s

Hidden Sources of Splenda

Don't Try This at Home!

NutraSweet Shown to Cause Cancer

Can Lifelong Fears Really be Eliminated with Relative Ease?

The Toxic Parabens Hiding in Your Bathroom Products


6 Americans Exposed to Too Much Fluoride

Breast Cancer Rarer But Deadlier Among Young Women

How to Make Damaged CDs Work Again

FDA Agrees ADHD Drugs Cause Kids to Have Hallucinations

Super Charge Your Goals to Create What You Really Want


8 Antibiotic Resistance May be Harming Your Pets

Are Experts Finally Embracing the Hygiene Hypothesis?

Cool Butterflies With Transparent Wings

Time to Exercise With Cool Workout Equipment

Get Your Tocotrienols and Beat Cancer

Stress Can Now be Treated Simply and Without Drugs -- Try EFT



11 Nocturnal Sleep Eating: A Newly Described Ambien Side Effect

Why You Should Avoid Frozen Foods

Will You Buy a Car That Runs on Air?

Tongue Piercings Causing Major Dental Problems

Mercury isn't the Only Toxic Item in Vaccines

The Two Things People do That Create Financial Lack and How to Stop Doing Them


13 The Questionable Science of Gum Chewing

Drug Spending Out of Control, Record $600 Billion Spent Worldwide

The First Video Preview of Microsoft Office 2007

Taking Care of Breast Implants As They Age

Questioning The Power of Prayer

Healing Depression With Energy Therapy


15 Grape Seed Extract Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Why Pay $1-2 for Directory Assistance on Your Cell Phone?

The Dangers of Oversleeping

Type 2 Diabetics Need More Sunshine

EFT: A Novel Way to Conquer Addictions



18 Fake BOTOX Still Deadly

Diabetes Doubles Among American Children

If You Think You Are Smart Then Take This Test!

Why Do Child Car Seats Look Bigger?

Congress Intervenes in School Junk Food Fight

40 Years of Nightmares Quickly Vanish


20 Omega-3 Fats Curb the Growth and Spread of Liver Cancer

New Plans to Microchip All Livestock in U.S. Could Devastate Organic Farmers

Top 15 Internet Hoaxes

Cell Phone Users 240 Percent More Likely to Have Brain Tumors

American Soft Drinks Poisoned With Benzene Too

EFT: A Simple Technique to Help You Manifest the Life of Your Dreams


22 Ambien Side Effects Ignite Drug Ad Deluge

Why Take Celebrex to Treat Colon Cancer?

Amazing Astronomical Discovery

The Fear of Losing Your Job Can Harm Your Health Far More

Barbecuing Meat Elevates Your Prostate Cancer Risks

An All-Purpose Healing Method Provides Remarkable Benefits



25 Sunshine Works for Congestive Heart Failure

Do Benzene Lawsuits Worry Soft Drink Manufacturers?

How About a 32-MB USB Flash Drive at No Charge?

FDA Approves Dangerous Fat-Blocker for OTC Market

The Bone Cancer, Fluoride Connection

Five Simple Techniques to Help You Create More Money or Anything Else You Want!


27 How Will Microchips Affect Your Privacy

Punitive Damages Hefty in Latest Vioxx Lawsuit

Early 20th Century Historical Recordings Available as No-Charge MP3 Downloads

Are You Finally Catching on to Phony Diseases?

Can Balloons Treat Your Sinus Problems?

Understanding and Working With the Law of Attraction to Create a Better Life


29 Brand-Name Drug Prices Spiral Out of Control

Make Sure Your Eggs Are From Chickens Not Cooped Up in Cages

Weapons of the Future

Antidepressants Increase Stillbirth Risks

Get Your ADHD Drug From a Patch

How a New Multi-Purpose Healing Method Relieved an Asthma Attack in Minutes