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May 2006

2 Drug Companies' Shameful Secrets

We Are Making Progress

President Bush Announces a New Incentive Program to Get Americans to Exercise More

Fewer Antibiotics Make For Safer Meats

Tough Mercury Recycling Laws Backfire and Actually Increase Mercury Pollution

How a New Multi-Purpose Healing Method Relieved an Asthma Attack in Minutes


4 The Cost to Sue Merck for Vioxx Just Dropped Dramatically

Got Fungus in Your Eyes?

Don't be Fooled About HD TVs

Famed Scientist Discusses How Bad NutraSweet Really Is

Do You Really Need Canned Oxygen?

How to Stop Losing and Leaking Your Vital Life Force Energy


6 UK Drug Trial Victim May Lose His Fingers, Toes

Mushrooms: Your Newest Vitamin D Source

Wonderful Interview With Richard Feynman

A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Non-Stick Cookware Manufacturer in the Works

Avoid a Hip Replacement by Fighting Obesity Early

Can Serious Depression be Successfully Treated Without Drugs?



9 Avoid an Emergency Room Visit by Correcting Your Vision Naturally

Drug Ties Common Among FDA Committee Members Means More Bad Drugs For You

World's Best Bulletproof Vest

Why Are You Using a Sleep Drug?

A Home Exercise Program Can Be Ideal Treatment for Patients With Heart Failure

12 Ways to Improve Your Relationships and Your Life!


11 The Avalanche of Drug Lawsuits Continues

The Hidden Agenda Behind the Bird Flu Hoax

A BMW That Gets 188 MPG

MSG is One Reason Why You May Want to Avoid McDonald's

FDA Blasted For Drug Safety Debacle

Messages Your Children Need to Hear


13 Latest Vioxx Verdict a $32-Million Blow to Merck

Aluminum Exposure Increases Your Alzheimer's Risks

How to Best Sharpen Your Knife

Marital Problems Harm Your Physical Health Over Time

More Doctors Performing ''Wrong-Site'' Surgeries

How a New Universal Healing Aid Resolved a Chronic Yeast Infection



16 Eye Fungus Was No Surprise After All…

Only Partial Progress on School Soda Elimination

Is Your Phone Company Violating Your Privacy?

How to Pay For a Bird Flu Hoax

How to Protect Yourself From Self-Help Scams

Christian Views on Hypnosis Interviews with Two Religious Scholars

Hypnosis and Faith


18 Ketek: Why Did the FDA Approve This Deadly Antibiotic?

Americans are Sicker Than Most of the World

Why is the Price of Gold Exploding and Your Paycheck Crashing?

The CDC: Centers for Deceit Control

Adult Antipsychotic Drugs Can be Deadly When Given to Children

Three Reasons Why You are Struggling Financially


20 Canadian Study Shows Short-Term Vioxx Toxicity

FINALLY, Doctors Waking Up to How Important Exercise Is

Consider the Source When Seeking Advice, Especially From Splenda

Bacteria Hiding on Your Computer Keyboard Can Make You Sick

Perfectionism Reinforces Eating Disorders

Eliminate Emotional Overeating and Shed Unwanted Pounds



23 Atkins Wasn't Right About Carb Restriction

The Use of Off-Label Prescriptions Often Lacking in Scientific Evidence

Locate Impossible-to-Find 800 Numbers Here

The New Potato Chip Scam: Don't Let Them Deceive You

Wal-Mart Will be the Largest Seller of Organic Food, Driving Prices Down: Is This a Good Thing?

Do-it-Yourself Anger Management


25 With Warmer Weather Comes The Sun Debate

14 Million Americans Have Vision Problems and Don't Even Know It

How to Increase Your Gas Mileage by 37 Percent

Your Privacy Can be Compromised With the Convenient New RFID Cards

The U.S. Legal System Helps Attorneys, Harms Your Health

10 Ways to 'Spring Clean' Your Marriage


27 Tequin: Another Antibiotic Bites the Dust

Why Raise Your Cancer Risks by Drinking Tap Water?

How Evil Are You?

Underselling the Obesity Epidemic in America

Recharging Your Brain



30 Is Splenda in Your Drug?

How Evil Marketing Geniuses Confuse You

Imagine Using Water Instead of Gas in Your Car

Bausch and Lomb Recalls Toxic Contact Lens Cleaner

Paxil Warning Letter Sent to Your Doctor

Recharging Your Brain