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June 2006
1 The Science Behind Losing Weight on a High-Protein Diet

A Radical Dietary Approach to Fighting Parkinson's

Great Historical Speeches and Sounds in MP3 Format

Controlling Your Dream World

How Exercise Protects You From Cancer

Enhancing The 'Inner Game' Of Sports Performance


3 Don't Expect the Government to Regulate Obesity

The Unethical Biopharming of America

Be Careful of What You Say in E-Mail and How You Interpret Other's E-Mails

Conventional Medicine's Ignorance About Autism

Most Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Are Too Dangerous to Use

How to Protect Yourself From Self-Help Scams



6 Why Your Privacy is Important

How About an Invisibility Cloak?

Another Wacky Illustration of How Conventional Medicine Thinks

Chakra: Change the Way You Feel Instantly With This Simple Energy Technique


8 Most Americans are Delusional When it Comes to Exercise

Why Are American Kids Addicted to TV?

Tiny Photos Going On Forever

How to Find Farmers' Markets: Your Best Source for Fresh Produce

Tapping in Your Positive Feelings


10 Why Are American Kids Addicted to TV?

Government Steals Even More Personal Information

The Cancer-Fighting Power of Veggies Work With Your Genes

Surgeons Should Play Video Games

Studies Funded by Drug Companies Favor Drugs 80 Percent of the Time

Most Prostate Cancer Treatments Unnecessary and Harmful

EFT: This New Method Proves Successful For 6 Heart Disease Risk Factors



13 FDA Study: Restaurants Should Offer Smaller Portions, More Fruits, Vegetables to Fight Obesity

Despite Drought, Coke, Pepsi Keep Being Bottled

The Best Free Internet Music Streaming Services

Super-Sized Meal Deals Not a Bargain at All


15 Do You Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It?

Measles Vaccine Undeniably Linked to Autism

A Humorous Look at Global Warming

Higher Doses of NSAIDs May Bring on Heart Attacks

How Can the FDA Ever Improve Drug Safety?

Your Fat Cells Are Listening


17 Can 7-Up be Considered a ''Natural'' Soft Drink?

Why Take an Osteoporosis Drug That Kills Your Bones?

What to Do if Your Cellular Phone is Lost or Stolen

The Midwife: A Steadily Growing and Natural Childbirth Option

How Prozac Works in Your Brain



20 Some Supplements Can Make You Fat

Simple Tricks to Improve Your Memory

The Hidden Dangers of the Explosion of Bottled Water Use

Seven Secret Ways to Improve Dinner With Your Family

How You Can Help Improve Food in Your Child's School


22 Lasers Can do Wonders to Watermelons and Eggshells, But Not Your Eyes

Vegetables Much Better Than Drugs at Building Bone Density

Non-Toxic Options to Reduce Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

Evil Marketing Geniuses

Birth Defects Sharply Rise When Using ACE Inhibitors

How to Calm an Overactive Mind


24 Do Healthy Diets Really Prevent Cancer?

Could FDA End Deadly Antibiotic Drug Trials?

Practical Reflections on How to Successfully Manifest Things in Your Life

The Growing Demand for Grass-Fed Beef in America

Helping Children Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Anger



27 How to Virtually Eliminate Your Risk of Lymphoma

More Conventional Medical Delusional Nonsense About Diabetes

The World's Funniest Joke

Vitamin D: Seven Diseases Treated by This Amazing Wonder 'Drug'

Largest Drug Company in the World Steals Millions From U.S. Government


29 Evil Empire Seeks to Punish Autism Expert

Wendy's is Changing to 'Healthy' Cooking Oil, or is It?

Amazing Video Illustrates the Power of Geometric Progression

Dangerous Antidepressants Elevate Diabetes Risk

Sunscreens Don't Provide the Protection They Claim

How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from the Negative Energy of Others