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July 2006
1 Lawsuits Debate Lasting Lipitor Damage

Chocolate Can Help Protect You Against Skin Damage

More Funny Road Signs

Pediatrics Academy Still Fighting Mercury Bans on Vaccines

Are Invisible Mold, Spores in Your Home? They Could Increase Your Risk of Multiple Allergies

Watching the News May be Weakening Your Immune System



4 Beat Heart Disease by Eating Your Vegetables

Fish Oil Treats ADHD Better Than Ritalin

One-Second Nap Can Find Answers to Your Problems

U.S. Golf Open Lost Because of Easily Treated Psychological Problem

Headache Drugs Can Actually Give You a Headache

The Diabetes Epidemic Has Doubled in America


6 New Sunscreens Can Cause Brain Damage

Night Light Increases Breast Cancer Risks

You Don't Have to Lose Your Fingers on a Table Saw

The Dirty Truth About Allergies You Need to Know

Have You Heard This Vaccine Warning on Your Radio?

Money Mastery -- Play the $100-Bill Game


8 Conservative Heart Association Edges Closer to Trans Fat Ban

Test Tube Burgers by 2009?

How You Can Easily Speed Up Loading PDF Files

"Spinal Flush" Helps Release Stressful Energy and Your Money Worries

Hidden Costs of Ethanol Fuel: Not What it's Cracked Up to Be

Yet Another Reason Why AOL is EVIL and Should Never be Used



11 Banning Recess Boosts Childhood Obesity

Medical Journal Corrects Fatal Vioxx Findings

Just How Smart Are You?

Why Giving the Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy Doesn't Make Any Sense

Splenda Strikes Back Against Sugar Industry

How to Petition Your Angels


13 Want to Live Longer? Make Sure Your Mom is Less Than 25 Years Older Than You

Why Unprotected Cellular Phone Use ''Excites'' Your Brain

Secrets of How to Finally Get a Good Shave

10 Reasons to Stay Away From Conventional Grocery Stores

The Evil That Drug Marketers Do

Clearing the Issues That Are Keeping You Fat


15 Dropping Beta-Blockers, Adding New Drugs to Fight Blood Pressure in UK

Get Rid of Your Sleeping Pills NOW!

Be Entertained For Hours With This Animation

Feds Approve Unnecessary Cervical Cancer Vaccine That Will Make Drug Company Billions

Beating Diabetes With Too Much Decaf Coffee



18 Possible New Useful Tool for Those Who Can't Tolerate Wheat

More Evidence Sugar Feeds Cancer

Don't Rely on the Wikipedia

New Major Study Questions the Power of Prayer

Vitamin D/Sunshine Advocate Still Under Attack

How to Petition Your Angels, Part II


20 Probiotics: The One Item You MUST Bring When Traveling, Especially Internationally

Is Your Grocery Store Running Out of Organic Foods?

Properly Adjusting Your Car Mirrors

Taking Tylenol Even at a Recommended Dose Can Harm Your Liver

Government Programs Push Antidepressant Use on Small Children

Medically Impossible Vision Improvement Observed by Respected Scientists


22 Missing the Flu Diagnosis in Kids Just Another Excuse for a Vaccine

Do Americans Really Pay Attention to Food Labels?

Amazing Storm, Water Pictures

Type 2 Diabetes Erases 15 Years From Your Life

Debate About Dangers of High-Fructose Corn Syrup

How to Petition Your Angels, Part III



25 Cool Graphic Animation of How Fat the U.S. is Getting

Mercury Levels Higher in Some Imported Tuna

More than Seven Hours of Sleep Per Night Increases Your Risk of Brain Disease

How to Petition Your Angels, Part IV


27 More Despicable Corruption in Published Studies

Codeine No Better Than a Placebo

Watch Super Size Me For Free

Stop The Explosion of Premature Births in America With Fish Oil

Will Pfizer's Insulin Inhaler Be Another Drug Debacle?

Answers to Your Important Questions About Energy Psychology


29 Fish Oil Works Better Than Statins at Improving HDL Cholesterol

Exploiting Cancer Patients With $10,000-a-Month Drugs

How to Survive Worst-Case Scenarios

More Than a Third of Drug Safety Reports Missing in Action

How You Can Support Important U.S. Dietary Legislation

EFT: A Proven Method to Develop a More Positive Relationship With Yourself