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August 2006
1 How to Imagine 10 Dimensions

Take Pounds Off Without Losing Any Weight With a Natural, Pain-Free System


3 Good Bacteria Can Eliminate Sick Time Away From the Office

Folder Size for Windows: The Number One Most Useful App For Windows Users... and at No Charge!

Drug Errors Injure Over 1.5 Million Americans Every Year

EFT: An Amazing Trick You Can Use to Start Your Exercise Program


5 Gleevec: This Popular Cancer Drug Linked to Heart Failure

More AOL Deceptions and Fraud Revealed

Some States Backing Away From Avian Flu Drugs

EFT: The Simplest Technique I Have Found to Help You Reach Your Goals and Achieve More Success



8 The Bioelectrical Basis for Healing


10 More Illusions to Test Your Vision

Type 2 Diabetic Improves on HIGH Carb Diet


12 Golfers Aren't as Healthy as They Believe

Stunning High-Speed Photos of Splashing Water

European Doctors Support Warning on Toxic Trio of Asthma Drugs

An Easy Way to Relieve Childhood Fears



15 The Safety of Inert Components in Pesticides Questioned

Europeans Fighting Back Against the GM Crop Blight

Do You Really Want to Spend More to Expose Your Baby to the Dangers of Disposable Diapers?

Speak to Attract Life's Riches




19 Every Jeopardy Question Ever!

Fighting Colon Cancer With Spices, Onions

Football Star Uses EFT To Calm His Road Rage -- No Drugs Needed



22 Curcumin Boosts Your Brain Health

Would You Use BOTOX to Heal a Scar?

Sooty Shearwater: The Most Amazing Bird in the World

For the Health of Your Baby, Stay Away From Unnecessary Ultrasounds

Research Reveals That Sticking to a Diet is More Important Than the Diet Itself


24 The Best Car Commercial You Ever Saw

This Inspirational Presentation Will Calm Your Mind and Body


26 Why Give Kids Antidepressants That Can Cause Them to Kill Themselves?

Do You Have a Heavy Baby?

Don't Treat Migraines by Overusing Pain Meds



29 How to Keep Your Digital Photos Forever

The Newest Bizarre Disease: Morgellons Disease

Hypothyroid and High Blood Pressure Improvement With Diet

Funny Signs


31 Amazing Power of Exercise to Treat Disease & Save You From an Angry Bull Moose

Do You Use Your Cell Phone Safely in the Car?

Why Aren't Toolmakers Interested in Protecting Your Hands?