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September 2006

2 More Evidence Bird Flu Vaccines Worsen the Bird Flu



5 Secrets in Your Food

Now There is a Simple and Affordable Way to Learn EFT Right on the Internet


7 U.S. Rice Supply Contaminated

FDA Approves a Spray-on Virus to Keep Processed Meats ''Safe''

10 Ways to Organize Your Desk Effectively

Why The South Beach Diet Doesn't Work in Schools

New Experiences Aid in Learning and Memory


9 Does Your Multivitamin Contain Copper?

Men, Are These Factors Turning You Into a ... Woman?

Dark Matter Really Does Exist

A Few Extra Pounds Can be Hazardous to Your Health

Don't be Blindsided Later in Life by Gastric Bypass Side Effects

Raise Your Libido Without Drugs or Endless Therapy Sessions



12 This Cool Optical Illusion Will Make You Hallucinate!


14 The 20 Facts About Death You Need to Know

Road Signs to Laughter

Most People with High Blood Pressure Can Easily Control It with Simple Dietary Changes


16 Portion Distortion: Larger Servings Lead to Larger Waistlines

Obesity Raises Ovarian Cancer Risks

New Problems Found With Sunscreens



19 Obese People Twice as Likely to Lose Sight

Heated Car Seats Can Cause Male Infertility

New Lower Standards for Grass-Fed Beef Will Destroy the Label

Tobacco Industry Increased Addictive Nicotine in Cigarettes

Top Five Self-Help Tools to Use if You are Depressed


21 Chisan-Chishou: Fresh, Local Produce the Norm in Japan

Toddlers With Extra Baby Fat May be at Risk of Adult Obesity

Palming: Deeply Relax and Sharpen Your Vision With This Simple Technique


23 Hormone Replacement Therapy Harms Hearing

Low Vitamin D Increases Your Chances of Being Admitted to a Nursing Home



26 Most Amazing Demonstration of Memory You Have Ever Seen


28 Makers of Lipitor Also Made Chemical, Biological Weapons

How to Find Out Who is Spamming You

Arcoxia: Beware of This Vioxx-Like Drug on Market


30 Is Conventional Medicine Backing Away From Green Tea's Cancer-Fighting Benefits?

The Best Time to Buy Things

Cut Your Pancreatic Cancer Risks by Nearly Half With Vitamin D

Harvard Researchers Say Light Cigarette Smokers Actually Less Likely to Quit