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October 2006


3 Just Like I've Always Said, Walking is Not Enough For Significant Exercise

America Spends More For Mediocre Health Care Than All Other Nations

The Quickest IQ Test You'll Ever Take

Fox Fires Reporters For Telling the Truth About Milk

Understanding and Clearing Your Issues With Money


5 Hospital Errors Fatal to Indiana Babies

Ortho Evra: Stay Away From this Potentially Fatal Form of Birth Control

Best Source of Online Music to Listen To

How Many Senses Do You Really Have?

What You Assumed About Weight Loss and Exercise May Be Wrong

Long-Term Anxiety Eliminated by Simple Diet Change - Try Nutritional Typing


7 Prostate Cancer Risks Rise With Shift Work

Wal-Mart Promotes a Distorted View of Organic Foods

The Muppet Matrix

Are You Taking a Dangerous Drug Before Flying?

Oil Companies Also Involved With Massive Fraud and Deception

New Research Opens Doors to Adult Learning



10 Do You Want Your Tax Dollars Funding a ''Better'' FDA?

The Damage This Polluted World Does to Your Body

10 Ways to Earn a Bigger Paycheck in Your Current Job

More Evidence of the Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting

A Formula for Predicting Your Osteoporosis Risk Accurately


12 You Are Being Ripped Off by Much of the ''Organic'' Food You Are Buying

New FDA Craziness

Are You Surprised the Average American Home Has More TVs Than People?

''Light'' Cigarettes No Better Than Regular Cancer Sticks

Finally, Some Hospitals Start to Understand the Importance of Nutrition!

Power of the Mind and Rheumatoid Arthritis


14 Another Federal Agency to Protect You From Tainted Food?

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Earth

Younger Obese Feeling Pain Diseases Normally Seen in the Elderly

Another Dangerous Energy Drink Called Cocaine

Exercise Helps After A High-Fat Meal: Study Shows Improved Arteries in 45 Minutes



17 TV is NOT The Truth, Even if You Think it Is

Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry

World's Most Expensive Car Wash

Organs For Sale From Executed Prisoners

The Major Mistakes Doctors Often Make With Your Health

Instructional Video -- Watch This Video to Learn How to do EFT

Do You Want to Be Published in a New Book, ''101 Ways to Improve Your Health''?


19 Abraxane: This New Cancer Drug Costs More Than $4,200 Per DOSE

TV Is Ruining Your Life - - You Can Change This!

The Connection Between Sugary Soft Drinks and Mental Health Problems

What Does The Fastest Computer in the World Do?

Why Doesn't Your Doctor Recommend Fish Oil?

A Good Review on How Produce is Commercially Cleaned

Nutritional Typing - Simple Dietary Changes Eliminate Long Term Anxiety


21 Chemotherapy's Long-Term Effects Can Last a Decade or More

This Cool Optical Illusion Will Make You Hallucinate!

Your Kids Watch More Fast Food Ads on TV, Even on PBS, Than You Think

Premature Birth -- New Leading Cause of Infant Deaths?

Instructional Video: Introduction to The Law of Attraction



24 Why do American Companies Sell Environmentally Unsafe Products Banned in Other Countries?

Is Saturated Fat Really As Bad As They Say It Is?

Hypnotizing Web Site

Why Do Restaurants Feel Like Home to So Many Obese Consumers?

The Power of Prayer Across Generations

Watch This Video to Learn How to do EFT


26 Finally, A Great New Important Use for Splenda!!

The Toxic Waste of Antibacterial Soaps

Fabulously Funny French Commercial

More Confusing, Deceptive Milk Marketing

Alternative Treatments for Headaches That Really Work


28 Trans Fats Bans May Save Your Life

Some Colleges Starting to Get it About Food!

How to Make International Calls at No Cost

How to Eat Healthy on the Road

The Most Common Sleep Disorder: Insufficient Sleep

Clear Your Negative Beliefs and Feelings About Money so You Can be a Magnet of Prosperity



31 Why Are Kids Entering Puberty Before They Enter School?

More Dirty Drug Company Secrets

Best Video of Steve Irwin

Cheat Disease by Changing Your Environment

Using Drugs Causes 700,000 in U.S. to go to ER Every Year

Learn a Great Tool to Staying Healthy This Cold and Flu Season