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December 2006

2 Using Antibacterial Soap May Disrupt Your Hormones

Eating the Right Chocolate Protects Your Heart

Simple Tips to Sharpen All of Your Senses

Stay Away From New Merck Painkiller

Avalanche of Flu Vaccine Troubles

Prevent Overeating and Binging This Holiday Season Using EFT

How to Petition Angels



5 The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

The Penny Millionaire Game

Break The Bread Trap

How to Solve the Rubik's Cube

Shameless Experimentation on Wounded U.S. Soldiers Fighting in Iraq

Manage Your Debt, or Debt Will Manage Your Life

How to Create More Time


7 Secrets of Getting Ahead in Life

You Are What Your Grandmother Ate

A Scary Parody of Sleep Drugs

Why Are Happy People Prescribed Antidepressants?

More Than 100,000 People Die EVERY Year in the U.S. Because of Hospital Acquired Infections

The Penny Millionaire Game


9 19 Facts About Death You May Not Want to Know

More Evidence Ginkgo Biloba Works Just as Well as Dementia Drugs

Bizarre Moving Optical Illusion

Another Toxic Contact Lens Cleaner Recalled

FDA Continues to Harass Raw Milk Providers

Why Herbal Therapies May Not Work For You



12 Finally We Know Why Cooking Grains Can Poison Your Food

The Truth About Digital Cameras: Don't Waste Your Money on More Megapixels

Are You Real or Are You Living in The Matrix?

We Are Making a Difference: Pfizer Slashes Once Untouchable Drug Sales Force

Are You a People Pleaser? Maybe You Are and You Don't Even Know It!


14 Soy Milk is Unhealthy

LASIK May Ruin Your Sight As You Age

The 13 Mysteries of Science That Make No Sense to Conventional Thinkers

The Rich Life You Lead While Dreaming

Pentagon Can't Find $2.3 Trillion!

Insulin-Dependent Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis Improved by Food Choices

Can You Really Trust Monsanto? -- How They Corrupted Science


16 The Cancer-Causing Breakfast Meat Strikes Again

10 Steps to Being Happier and Healthier

Use Your Cell Phone to Help You Find Best Deal While Shopping

How to Increase Your Creativity in the Kitchen

This is Why You MUST Get a Second Opinion Before Any Serious Medical Decision

Increasing Your Spiritual and Intuitive Powers



19 Real Reason Why Raw Milk Was Banned In California

The Healing Properties of Raw Honey

Take This Lifespan Test to Learn How Long You Can Live

Dramatic Relief From Heartburn

What You Don't Know About Factory Farming May Make You Sick

It is Possible! We Can Shut Down McDonald's With Our Economic Votes!


21 The Hidden Agenda -- How You Are Being Deceived About Fluoride

Goodbye Weapon in Iraq Likely to Have Complications

Diabetic Improves on High-Carb Diet

Too Much Exercise is Just as Bad as Not Enough

Taking Ownership of Your Health IS Alternative Medicine!


23 It's a Wonderful Life -- Fast Version

Do You Live in The Healthiest State in America?

The Top 13 Health Conditions Searched For the Most on the Internet

Beware of the Fungi!

The Health-Harming Confusion About Saturated Fats

The 7 Children's Cold Myths



26 One-Third of Americans Believe the U.S. Government Allowed 9/11 to Happen

Beyond Ridiculous -- Coke Plus with Vitamins!

JibJab's Laugh-Filled Year in Review Parody

Heartlessness of Socialized Medicine in Canada

How to Organize Your Kitchen


28 A Great Trick For Healing Wounds

Sleeping Without an Alarm Clock

Trapped in Quicksand: Not a Worst-Case Scenario

Preparing Your Meals at Home IS The Healthier Choice

Women Stop Fake Hormones and Breast Cancer Plummets!

Knowing Your Nutritional Type Improves Aspect of Your Health


30 Seven Ways to Explode Into Health in 2007

Choosing the Best Organic Foods in a Grocery Store Can be Tough

A Radical Example of What Some Drugs Can do to You

The 51 Uses of RFID Chips That Could Help or Harm Your Health

Artemisinin: Herbal Treatment That Really Works For Malaria