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January 2007

2 The Amazing Uses for ChapStick

Newer, Stronger Health Warnings on Tylenol and Aspirin

Stay Away From the Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Angels Don't Play This HAARP

The Sunny Solution That Slashes Your Multiple Sclerosis Risks


4 Red Hot Chili Peppers May Cure Type 1 Diabetes

Americans Watch Nearly 5 Hours of TV Every Day


6 How The Bacteria In Your Gut Can Make You Fat

Sugary Sweet Drinks Bring on Chronic Disease Later in Life

Is One Foot Really Smarter Than the Other?

What Company Covered up the Health Risks of its Top-Selling Drug for a Decade?

Epidurals Affect a Mom's Ability to Breastfeed



9 Can You Avoid Cloned Meats?

Can a Vibration Platform Make Your Exercise Easier and Better?

The 150 Most Useful and Fun Web Sites Out There

The 2006 News Stories You May NOT Have Heard

Does Drinking Alcohol Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis?


11 The Future of Food -- You NEED to Watch This Video!!!

The Future of Food - - You NEED to Watch This Video !!!

Belly Fat Matters More Than BMI When Determining Your Heart Disease Risks

Spectacular Views From Space

New Evidence Linking Toxic Food Containers to Breast Cancer Risks in the Womb

How Black Cohosh Can Tame a Woman's Hot Flashes


13 Yes it is True -- Win Millions of Dollars and Risk Dying Early

African Grey Parrot Has Sense of Humor and Huge Vocabulary

Negative Emotions Can be Deadly to Your Health

Taking Heartburn Drugs Can Break Your Hip



16 My Review of the Consumer Electronic Show and Some of the Top Gadgets

Be Very Careful Eating Chickens You Buy at the Supermarket

Beware! The Non-Stick Cookware Deception Continues ...

Even Legitimate Photos Can be Optical Illusions!

Don't Let Organic Food Packaging Fool You!

Get Your Folic Acid From Whole Food Sources Not Multi-Vitamins


18 The Medicalization of Everyday Life

Avoid Going to the Hospital on Thursdays

Learn the Origin of Common Sayings With The Phrase Finder

One Secret to a Longer Life: Keep Learning

Beating Seasonal Affective Disorder the Natural Way


20 How Many Toxins Are in Your Potato Chips?

More Deception -- Processed Foods Are NOT a Good Source of Omega-3

Defending Yourself From an Angry Dog: A Real Worst-Case Scenario

Elevated Uric Acid Levels May Forewarn Dementia Risks

Clone-Free Food Labeling May Soon be a Reality at Your Grocery Store



23 The Ultimate Longevity Secrets Discovered at Last?

Why Eating Whole Foods is Far Better Than Taking a Supplement

Understanding the Legal Loopholes to Get Out of Your Cell Phone Contract TODAY!

Krill Oil: The Proven Natural Treatment Option for ADHD

The Three Variables That Affect Childhood Obesity


25 A Warning About New Washing Machines and Nanotechnology

More Revelations About The Latest Spicy Cancer Fighter

Ten Unbelievable Artifacts That Defy Geological Science and Human History

Safe Solutions for Debiltating Migraines

How to Tame a Colicky Baby


27 More U.S. States Considering HPV Vaccine Requirement

One-Fourth of Americans' Calories Come From Soda

Create These Beautiful Images on Your Desktop

Americans Are Finally Starting to Catch on to Deceptive Marketing

Hollow Celery Used as Straws



30 How Much Does the Iraq War Really Cost America?

Wine Not Best Way to Get Your Antioxidants

Having Movies Mailed to You is So Last Century

Practice Makes Waking Up From a Sound Sleep Easier

How an Abusive Childhood Can Ruin Your Adult Health