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February 2007
1 Companies Swapping Trans Fats for a Different, but Also Dangerous, Fat

Death Rate Still 100% Worldwide

Plants With Eyes

The Plague of High Fructose Corn Syrup in Processed Foods

Cooking Videos New Feature to Help You Cook

Liquid Candy Becoming the Preferred Breakfast Drink


3 The Natural Cancer-Fighting Power of Tomatoes and Broccoli

More Dairies Eliminating Monsanto's Dangerous Hormones

Bizarre Beasts From the Deep

Why is the FDA Pushing Cloned Meat?

Moms With More Education Less Likely to Vaccinate Their Kids



6 Don't be Fooled by Brainwashed Doctors

The Funniest Ads From the Super Bowl

Wal-Mart is Helping to Degrade Organic Food Standards


8 A Different Take on Death From Carl Jung

Mind-Blowing Video Illustrating How Easily You Are Deceived

You CAN Change the World

Is it True That No Two Snowflakes are Alike?

Finally Something Good You Can Do With Your Microwave!!

Is Resveratrol the Modern-Day Fountain of Youth?


10 More Reasons to Avoid Potato Chips

Long-Term Use of Cellular Phones is as Unhealthy as Cigarettes

Regain Your Privacy: Sign Up for Opt-Out Lists

Crick Was High on LSD When he Discovered DNA Double Helix

Burning Incense May Increase Your Risk of Cancer



13 More Reasons You Should NOT Rely on Bottled Water

New Book Exposes the Mistaken Medical Assumptions Doctors Often Make

Amazing Similarities Between Abe Lincoln and J.F. Kennedy

Wal-Mart's Predatory Business Practices Exposed

33 Reasons Why Your Library May be Better Than Google to Answer Your Health Questions


15 Shocking Documentary Will Convince You of the Risk Associated with Vaccines

Finally the Media is Recognizing the Perils of Fluoridated Water

Amazing Example of Why You Need to Get a Second Opinion Before ANY Health Procedure

Why Take a Contraceptive to Treat Your Acne?

New Video Console Can Actually Cause Kids to Lose Weight


17 The Sunshine Vitamin Repairs Your Skin and Boosts Your Immune System

Serious Neurological Diseases Rising Faster Among Americans Than Expected

How to Legally Save Tens of Thousands on a College Education

McDonald's Finally Gets Around to Making Trans-Fat-Free French Fries

Will the HPV Vaccine Soon be Mandatory for Schoolgirls?



20 Why You Want to Avoid Bottled Water

Opponents Rally Against Texas Forcing Sixth Grade Girls to Receive Unnecessary HPV Vaccine

How to Protect Your Money From Burglars

CDC Finally Admits Autism is a Greater Danger to Your Children


22 More Evidence Vitamin D Prevents Parkinson's Disease and Cancer

Can You Measure Your Heart Attack Risks With Your Finger?

The Safe and Healthy Way to Eat Sushi

Over-the-Counter Diet Drug, Alli, Approved

The FDA Isn't Making it Easy to Identify Cloned Foods


24 Supermarket Secrets Revealed

Infants Born in Northern U.S. at High Risk for Rickets

How Not to Blow Yourself up at the Gas Station

Lawmakers Attacking Fraudulent Green Tea Energy Drink Claims

Finally -- A Move to Eliminate Birth Control Pills



27 Will Drug Companies and the FDA Really Take Care of You?

Why Exercising as You Age Becomes More Important and Challenging

Amazing Trip Around the World in Less Than 4 Minutes

Better Natural Options for Breast Implants

Learn More About America's Revolutionary Inventor