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March 2007
1 One Out of Five Cosmetics May be Contaminated With Cancer-Causing Impurity

Why is U.S. Population Growth Out of Control?

Medical Mistakes of the Embarrassing Kind

Donating Blood Can Protect Your Health and Heart

Why Skipping Sleep Harms Your Brain


3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A New Natural Weapon to Fight H. Pylori

You Don't Need a Drug to Make it to 100

Avoid a Worst-Case Scenario: Don't Let Your Pet Fight With a Porcupine

Why Diamonds Really Aren't Your Best Friend

Marketing Tricks Drug Companies Use to Fool You



6 Freud Was Used to Control the Masses

Can Chocolate Benefit Your Brain?

The Most Amazing Dog You've Ever Seen

TV Does More Damage to Your Children Than You Ever Imagined

Fatal Side Effects of Flu Drug


8 Prescription for Disaster -- You Need to Watch This Video!!

Exercise Helps Radically Lower Your Risk of Cancer

A Really Cool Trick That Uses a Law of Physics

The Many Ignored Risks of C-Sections

Warning -- GM Food Linked to Cancer


10 How Women Can Avoid Heart Disease

Growing Controversy Over New Merck Vaccines

Daylight Saving Time is Early This Year -- Update Your Computer Now

Cancer -- Hurry Up and Wait

Common Plastics May Increase Your Child's Obesity Risks



13 10 Things Your Butcher Won't Tell You

61 Tips to Help You Save Time on the Job and at Home

New Girl Scout Cookies Still Have Trans Fats


15 How the Government is Threatening Your Freedom to Use Supplements

Doing the Seemingly Impossible: Crossing the 4,000-Mile Sahara Desert by Foot in 111 Days

A Sunny Treatment for Alzheimer's

Accidental Deaths Due to Prescription Drugs on the Rise


17 Why Doctors Miss Colon Cancer

Why You Don't Want to Use Antibacterial Soap Anymore

Does Anything Justify the Massacre of Dolphins?

Are You Overdosing on Caffeine With Energy Drinks?

Don't be Fooled by a Whole-Wheat Doughnut



20 Is Organic Good Enough?

Five Reasons to Get a Massage Today

77 Ways to Faster and Better Learning

More Ways Non-Stick Cookware Can Harm Your Baby

We Are Making Progress -- Soft Drink Users Are Down!


22 The AMA -- Murder by Injection

Are GM Crops Killing Honeybees?

8 Steps to Improving Your Enjoyment of Life

Immoral Drug Company Experiments on Russian Kids

What is the Future of Your Food?

Help the FDA Ban the Use of Cloned Food


24 Scientists Call for Worldwide Warning: Be Wary of Eating Fish

Is the Atkins Diet Healthier Than Previously Thought?

Real Survivors: Soldiers Training for the Navy Seals

Is Your Rice Contaminated With Human Genes?

Simple Tip Lowers Heart Disease Risk, but Your Doctor Frequently Ignores It



27 Eating Chocolate May be More Important to Your Health Than Penicillin

The Long-Standing War Between Alternative and Conventional Medicine

The 30 Weirdest Ways People Have Died

Who Would Have Thought That Omega-3 Fat Could Improve Your Bones?

Sunshine Improves Athletic Performance


29 Experts Finally Recognize the Link Between Night Light Exposure and Cancer

How Foods Can Stop You From Losing Your Vision

A New Meaning for Dark Matter?

Are You Eating Enough Vegetables and Fruits?

Walgreens a MAJOR Rip-Off For Prescriptions


31 Time Magazine Cites as a Leader in the Raw Milk Movement

Great Interview With Whole Foods CEO and Michael Pollan

Best Picture of Water on Mars

Buy a Big Mac, Get an Antibiotic at No Charge!

Preventing HPV Without a Vaccine is the Real Answer