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April 2007


3 New Danger Associated With Drinking Ordinary Milk

Do the Makers of Splenda Know Something They Aren't Telling You?

Restaurants That Want to Help Celebrate Your Birthday

How Sleep Apnea Injures Your Brain

GM Corn Causes Organ Damage in Rats: Will it Cause it in You?


5 Can Vicks VapoRub Treat Toenail Fungus?

Why Plastic Shopping Bags Should be Avoided

Is Your House Lock Good Enough?

Now They Want to Treat Kids With Statins

Conventional Tanning Beds Linked to Cancer


7 God DOES Answer Your Prayers

Cancer Continues to Worsen

And You Thought You Had Problems When You Lost Your Backup

''Legal'' Drugs That Are More Dangerous Than Illegal Ones

How Much Are Drug Companies Really Paying Your Doctor?



10 What's Really in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget?

A Celebrity Dies Tragically From Prescription Drugs

Funny (Because it's True) Government Sign

Grape Seed Extract May Protect Against Skin Cancer

The Deadly Reasons Not to Take a ''Good'' Cholesterol Drug


12 Sugar: Major Factor For Cancer

U.S. is #1 in Many Areas -- But Not in Health

Fifty Percent of World's Languages Have Been Lost in Last Six Years

The Sordid History of Monsanto Poisoning Your Milk

Soft Drinks May Not be Leaving Your Child's School Any Time Soon


14 Another Tragic and Unnecessary Death

Burger King Goes For Free-Range Animal Products

Inspirational Love Story

Why Organic is Better For You Than Conventionally Grown Foods

More Evidence Bird Flu is a Hoax



17 Are Antidepressants Ever Necessary?

Is Your Doctor Clueless About How to Lower Cholesterol?

The Top 10 April Fool's Jokes of 2007

Another Myth Exploded -- Dieting Does Not Work

How You Can Easily Protect Your Hearing


19 The Deception Behind 'Organic' Milk

More Insanity -- Heartburn Drugs for Kids

How Not to Get Ripped Off When You Buy a New Car

The Medical Mistakes That Kill Americans Every Day

Emotional Issues Major Factor in Arthritis Pain


21 Powerful Natural Sweetener You Probably Know Nothing About

Drugs in Your Drinking Water May be Affecting Your Health

The Origins of Google Began in Russia

Acupuncture Helps Back Pain Even if Skeptical

Do You Know What Pasteurization and Irradiation Really Mean?



24 Could Antidepressants Explain the Virginia Tech Massacre?

The Natural Way to Break Your Smoking Habit

Google Offers Directory Assistance at no Charge

How Stress Can Strengthen Cancer Cells in Your Body

The Latest Outrageous Drug Company Ads


26 Ibuprofen and Aspirin Can be a Deadly Combo

Cocaine Busted by the FDA

How to Easily Remove Dents From Your Car

FDA Breaks its Own Rules in Considering Merck Painkiller

Look Out For Your Baby's Health -- Nestle Buys Gerber


28 Why Are Swimming Pool Workers More Prone to Colds?

Local is the ''New'' Organic

Fascinating Insights From Google CEO

Is the Chicken You Eat Poisoned With Arsenic?

Drug Companies Manipulate Congress With Overwhelming Lobbying